Pilkington Pyroshield™ 2 Safety Clear

Pilkington Pyroshield™ 2 Safety Clear


NOTE: We cannot currently supply Pilkington Pyroshield™ 2 Safety Clear, we have communicated this with our customers. 
Pilkington Pyrodur® may be suitable for your application, for more information please contact enquiries@pilkington.com.


Pilkington Pyroshield™ 2 Safety Clear is a monolithic wired glass. It offers reliable, integrity only, fire-resistant glazing in a range of applications, including doors, screens and overhead glazing. It can also be used in a variety of internal and external applications. Wired glass has a good track record in fire testing, offers exceptional value for money and is easy to handle, stock and glaze.


  • Suitable for internal and external applications
  • Readily available and easy to handle, stock and cut
  • Pilkington Pyroshield™ 2 Safety Clear is suitable for use in fire and non-fire applications where an impact safety classification in a wired product is required
  • Meets British and European fire test standards
  • Approved for use with popular fire-resistant glazing gaskets and sealants
  • Independently approved for use in a range of applications under the Certifire Scheme
  • Offers 30 & 60 minutes integrity in appropriate timber and steel frames (for periods of greater than 60 minutes integrity, please contact us)


    Certifire Certificates

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