Turnkey Process Description

Click on the links below to view illustrations/images of stages within the turn-key process:

  1. FEM Calculation
  2. 3D model
  3. A33 katos 011 manufacture
  4. Montage of images of finished product/glass roof

Turn-key process description

  • Technical expertise and complete project management 
  • Required drawings 
  • FEM strength calculations 
  • 3D designs 
  • Required certifications (e.g. fire resistant certification) 
  • Specification of the right glass for each product/structure (e.g. energy saving glass, coloured glass etc.) 
  • Manufacture of the aluminium and steel frames 
  • Material purchases of all other necessary materials 
  • Selection of the correct sealants and preparation of all the required fittings 
  • Installation work on board ships/cruise vessels