Impact Safety

Impact Safety

For new buildings, and for buildings subject to major refurbishment, glazing requirements for critical locations are given in a combination of Building Regulations and British Standards publications.

The relevant Building Regulation in Northern Ireland is:

  • The Building Regulations Northern Ireland Part V ‘Glazing – safety in relation to impact, opening and cleaning’. Technical Booklet V ‘Glazing’, June gives technical guidance

There are two relevant British Standards:

  • BS EN 12600 ‘Glass in building - Pendulum test - Impact test method and classification for flat glass’
  • BS 6262: ‘Code of practice for glazing for buildings’ Part 4 ‘Safety related to human impact’

The various Building Regulations and British Standards have been written separately and at different times. As a result of this, even though the intentions may be the same, the wording and presentation may vary.

However, if the recommendations in BS 6262: ‘Code of Practice for Glazing in Buildings’ Part 4 ‘Safety related to human impact’ are followed, the current requirements of Building Regulations in all three regional areas of the UK for the glazing of critical locations may be satisfied.

Where glazing may also perform the function of guarding (protection against falling through) then the recommendation of the following regulation should also be considered:

  • Northern Ireland – ‘The Building Regulations Northern Ireland 2006 Part H Stairs Ramps and Guarding’