Bristol 407-411 Glazing

Bristol 407-411 Glazing

Bristol 407-410 Glazing 


Working with our friends at BODA , we are very pleased to confirm that we have brought back into our range the Front and Rear Screen's for the 407 through to the 410 models.

Back in May Trevor Wilks from the Bristol Drivers and Owners Association approached us about the possibility of developing tooling for the Rear screen for the 407, at that time the glass was not available on the market and owners were having to use second hand parts often badly damaged or search breakers even Ebay for a glass for their car. 

 After extensive research with owners and test fitting across the different models Trevor confirmed to us that the rear screen sample they had 'borrowed' from The Classic Bristol Car Parts  Company could be used to develop our tooling and it would infact cover all models from the 406 through to the 410, the Windscreen also covering 407 though to the 410 with the 406 model having its own specific Windscreen size (also developed by us in 2019).

After a trip up to see Roger Charlton (a good friend to Classics and veteran of the 406 development project) we collected the sample glass and got to work on the tooling throughout the summer, in mid July we took another drive up to Derbyshire to test fit the both Front and Rear screens into owner Steve Mulvaneys 407, they fit perfectly.

Orders were placed by each owner with the additional option of a heated version for those that required them, delivery options confirmed and even an overseas shipment planned to the Australian contingent of BODA taking a few.

With parts signed off, orders placed and parts received in from the factory, we have been shipping out the finished glasses to owners throughout October.


Windscreen Fitting test into Steves 407 body

Steves WS2

 Steves WS


Rear Screen Test fitting to Steves 407 Body

Steves BL Fit

 Rear Screen Test fitting to Trevor's 406 Body


Bristol BL Fitted


The finished article - Trevors fantastic 406 kitted out with Pilkington Windscreen and Rear screen (heated)

Finished SideFinished Front


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