Lighting Products

Lighting Products

The lighting industry is driven by energy efficiency, but has an increasing focus on lighting systems optimised for health, well being and performance.

Glass is a key component for the lighting industry. It is able to diffuse or direct light, increase transmission, and protect components from the external environment. Glass is particularly advantageous in the harshest locations where high levels of durability and non-combustibility may be required.

Extra clear glass and low reflection coatings can maximise the amount of light reaching its intended target, and decrease energy costs. Condensation and dirt can be tackled too with our heated glass or pioneering self-cleaning coating. Textured glass surfaces and light-diffusing coatings can be used to disperse or direct sources of light.

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Low-iron glass increases light output

Low-reflective products reduce loss of light

Self-cleaning coatings can minimise the build-up of dirt

Heated glass to defog or demist

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