Glassary - K

Glassary - K

is the old name for our first off-line coated, low emissivity glass. It is now called Pilkington Optitherm™. (See Product Data Sheet)

Kappafloat S™:
is the old name for our highest performance low emissivity glass. It is an off-line coated glass. It is now called Pilkington Optitherm™ S (See Product Data Sheet)

K Glass™:
Pilkington K Glass™ is the brand name for our pyrolitic coated low emissivity glass. See Product Data Sheet Pilkington K Glass™.

K value:
In some parts of the world, thermal transmittance is referred to as the K value. The units of K value are usually W/m2K, although it is sometimes quoted in kcal/hrm2ºC. The latter unit is slightly larger, which may make K values appear smaller. To convert from kcal/hrm2ºC to W/m2K, multiply by 1.163.

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