Impact Safety

Impact Safety

For new buildings, and for buildings subject to major refurbishment, glazing requirements for critical locations are given in a combination of Building Regulations and British Standards publications.

The relevant supporting documents for Scotland are the Technical Handbooks for domestic and non-domestic, section 4 (Safety).

There are two relevant British Standards:

  • BS EN 12600 ‘Glass in building - Pendulum test - Impact test method and classification for flat glass’
  • BS 6262: ‘Code of practice for glazing for buildings’
    Part 4 ‘Safety related to human impact’

The various Building Regulations and British Standards have been
written separately and at different times. As a result of this, even though the intentions may be the same, the wording and presentation may vary.
However, if the recommendations in BS 6262: ‘Code of Practice for Glazing in Buildings’ Part 4 ‘Safety related to human impact’ are followed, the current requirements of Building Regulations in all areas of the UK for the glazing of critical locations may be satisfied.