Enhanced Visibility

Enhanced Visibility

Glass products to optimise visibility across a wide range of ambient conditions and lighting levels.

In this product category, transparency and aesthetics go hand in hand. The glass products not only meet but exceed expectations.

Using advanced technology, we have created glass products that let the light flow freely but also enhance the aesthetics of every application. 

These glass products are designed to provide optimal transparency. Whether it's about displaying products in stores, creating impressive digital signage, or enhancing architectural details, glass is the obvious choice. With unbeatable clarity and maximum colour reproduction, it provides an unparalleled visual experience.

In the new Enhanced Visibility product category, you get a detailed overview of our first-class glass products that redefine the standards in terms of appearance, aesthetics and functionality.

The following glass products fall into this product category:

  • Extra clear glass Pilkington Optiwhite™, free of the green tint usually found in standard glass products.
  • Anti-reflective Pilkington OptiView™ glass range for optimal exposure and transparency.
  • Pilkington Anti-condensation Glass minimizes external condensation in well-insulated windows and facades.

The Pilkington OptiView™ range, Pilkington Optiwhite™ and Pilkington Anti-condensation Glass are designed to provide improved vision and clarity in varying lighting and environmental conditions. 

Optimal transparency increases the aesthetics of glass products while improving their functionality. In architecture, optimal transparency allows interior spaces to be illuminated with natural daylight while providing a clear view of the exterior. It creates an open and inviting atmosphere indoors and can improve people's well-being. In addition, the transparency of glass contributes to the energy efficiency of buildings by reducing the need for artificial lighting and regulating heat transfer.

To understand how these glass products optimize visibility and see-through in various applications, take a closer look at their features and benefits. Optical transparency will continue to ensure that glass remains an indispensable element of modern architecture!

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