Pilkington Pyrodur®

Pilkington Pyrodur®


Using the same technology as Pilkington Pyrostop®, Pilkington Pyrodur® is tried and tested against fire and hot gases. 

Pilkington Pyrodur® is widely used and specified in a range of softwood and hardwood timber. Offering up to 60 mins integrity, Pilkington Pyrodur® can combine impact resistance (BS EN 12600) up to Class 1(B)1 and penetration resistance (BS EN 356) to classification P(1)A , which is a requirement in Approved Document Q and recommended in Secured by Design.

In the event of fire, Pilkington Pyrodur® turns opaque providing both the integrity requirements of a barrier to hot gases and flames. As such, Pilkington Pyrodur® complies with British, European and ISO test standards.


  • Provides passive protection for escape from buildings or firefighter access
  • Well known and recognised by Fire and Building Control Authorities
  • Suitable for internal and external applications
  • Can be used in some of the lightest density and slimmest timber frame profiles
  • Also suitable for steel, aluminium and fire rated composite frames
  • Achieves an integrity rating of at least 30 minutes and an insulation rating of 15 minutes
  • Excellent sound reduction properties
  • Fire performance not dependent on critical framing edge cover requirements
  • Pilkington Pyrodur® is available through approved Stockists nationwide who have the technical expertise to help you specify the correct product and advise on installation
  • Can be incorporated into sealed double glazed units but in order to comply with CE marking requirements these should only be sourced through attestation level 1 suppliers, who are accredited to or licensed for manufacture of Pilkington Pyrodur® fire-resistant sealed units
  • There is no need for consideration of the fire direction when specifying Pilkington Pyrodur® fire-resistant sealed units 
  • P(1)A classification to BS EN 356


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