Pilkington OE Glass Quality. OEM Quality for the aftermarket.


Pilkington Automotive is part of the NSG Group. The NSG Group is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of glass and glazing products for Architectural, Automotive and established creative technology. With around 26,000 permanent employees, we have principal operations around the world and sales in over 100 countries.


Our Automotive business is one of the world’s largest suppliers of automotive glass serving theOriginal Equipment, Aftermarket Glass Replacement and Specialized Transport markets. Our glass solutions are used by the world’s leading vehicle manufacturers, so globally, around 1 in 5 vehicles contain our glass. Our mission is to change our surroundings and to improve our world with commitment to safety and technology as well as respect for people.



Every Pilkington product is certified and conforms to the same high-quality standards as the original glass. Our manufacturing process and products meet the highest quality standards set by the world’s leading vehicle manufacturers. We follow the OE standards and implement various control processes at every step from sand to screen up to our delivery.


A unique feature of our production approach is that there are no dedicated manufacturing lines for the aftermarket. Every glass processing line used for the aftermarket is also used for Original Equipment supply. This ensures that we always operate with the same original quality standard.


Pilkington offers innovative automotive glazing products and solutions considering environment, safety & security, connectivity, comfort & convenience and style. The product range contains windscreens, backlights, sidelights, and roof glasses, but also accessories and everything beyond that is required for a glass replacement - such as mouldings, trims, tools, urethanes and wiper blades.


Our products help to reduce CO2 emissions:
• Solar Control Coatings
• Low Emissivity Coatings
• Lightweight and Ultra-Lightweight products
Safety within Automotive is shifting from damage reduction to proactive accident prevention using Advanced Driver Assistant Systems (ADAS). Our windscreens are purpose-built to integrate camera and sensor systems to support the industry as it moves towards autonomous driving.
We are all that's between you and the road ahead. With our products your user experience is improved by using advanced technologies and system connectivity:
• Head Up Display (HUD) Windscreens: NSG provides the best-in-class surface control tolerances
• Augmented Reality (AR): NSG leads the development of next generation AR HUD
• Antenna Design and System Integration
Our products improve passenger comfort by optimizing the cabin temperature, reducing noise and offering consumer convenience through:
• Heated Windscreens
• Acoustic Control
• Solar Control Coatings
• Privacy Glass
• Variable Transmission Glazing Systems – Sundym Select
We are constantly innovating glass technology to deliver vehicle styling and design requirements:
• Complex glass shapes
• Low-Emissivity Coatings to replace physical blinds in sunroof systems
• Head Up Display (HUD) allow constant focus on the road
• Hydrophobic Coatings to manage water flow on glass-to-glass finishes

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