Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland

Building Regulations for Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland

Northern Ireland

The Northern Ireland Building Regulations are legal requirements made by the Department of Finance and Personnel and administered by 26 District Councils. The Regulations are intended to ensure the safety, health, welfare and convenience of people in and around buildings. They are also designed to further the conservation of fuel and energy.

The Technical Booklets that support the building regulations in Northern Ireland are listed below and can be accessed here.

Technical Booklet B - Materials and workmanship

Technical Booklet C - Site preparation and resistance to contaminants and moisture

Technical Booklet D - Structure

Technical Booklet E - Fire Safety

Technical Booklet F1 - Conservation of fuel and power in dwellings

Technical Booklet F2 - Conservation of fuel and power in buildings other than dwellings

Technical Booklet G - Resistance to the passage of sound

Technical Booklet H - Stairs, ramps, guarding and protection from impact

Technical Booklet J - Solid waste in buildings

Technical Booklet K - Ventilation

Technical Booklet L - Combustion appliances and fuel storage systems

Technical Booklet N - Drainage

Technical Booklet P - Sanitary appliances, unvented hot water storage systems and reducing the risk of scalding

Technical Booklet R - Access to and use of buildings

Technical Booklet V - Glazing