Pilkington Decorative Glass

Pilkington Decorative Glass


Pilkington Decorative Glass enables you to add style and elegance to your home incorporating a range of options such as: Georgian or cottage bars, stained glass, leaded lights, bevels and brilliant cut glass to create a distinctive look. All are available in one of our Pilkington Insulight™ glazing units, to create a distinctive look.

Additional decorative options: 

Pilkington Texture Glass - a range of 19 patterned/textured designs from classic to contemporary 

Pilkington Oriel Collection - an exciting range of stunning, high-end decorative etched glass designs 

Pilkington Optilam™ I - a laminated glass with coloured interlayers to offering a wider choice of colours than standard body tinted glass


  • Designs offer elegant shapes, striking colours and subtle effects - everything you need to bring windows, doors and conservatories to life
  • Whilst providing an attractive addition to the home, designs can also include impact safety, additional security, noise reduction and fire-resistant qualities
  • Bevelled patterns can create unique and attractive surroundings. Incorporating ‘prism’ designs, the glass facets greatly enhance the effect of light in the home
  • Our leaflets show just a few of the designs available - talk to your glazing supplier for the
    full range of options


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