Pilkington Texture Glass Warwick™

Pilkington Texture Glass Warwick™

Pilkington Texture Glass Warwick™ is a random pattern which has implications when cutting the glass down into finished sizes. If a pane is small enough, potentially there could be no evidence of the pattern at all. 

Therefore it is important when cutting and optimising this glass that the overall appearance of the finished pane is considered so that the design is central to the pane. Where there are several panes to be glazed adjacent to each other, the degree of design should also be considered in each pane.

None of our patterns are designed to have an orientation but care needs to be taken with adjacent panes that the pattern direction is maintained. There is a linear nature to Pilkington Texture Glass Warwick™, so please be aware that there could be aesthetic implications. For the glass supplier the result may be that this pattern is less accommodating when cutting and may result in a greater proportion of selvedge from the original glass plate.

Important note: Pilkington Texture Glass Warwick™ can have a coarse and uneven surface finish, therefore please check its suitability prior to purchase. The patterned surface should be located such that the incidence of human touch is minimised.

Please allow for these considerations when choosing and using Pilkington Texture Glass Warwick™.