Pilkington K Glass™ A

Pilkington K Glass™ A

just got 'A' whole lot better

Pilkington K Glass™ A

Pilkington K Glass A is the latest hard coat low-e option that achieves higher WER (dependant on frame type).

A development of the original Pilkington K Glass it is a durable, single stock product which can be used in annealed or toughened format.  Its high light transmission maintains neutrality; avoiding the ‘grey’ appearance of other competitor hard coat low-e products.  With local UK manufacture, a wide range of sizes, Pilkington K Glass A is also processor friendly.


  • Helps windows achieve higher WER (dependant on frame type)
  • Can be toughened easily with the coating facing up or down for throughput benefits
  • Robust hard coat; virtually limitless shelf life
  • No edge deletion required
  • Single stock - can be used in annealed or toughened format
  • Easy to handle and process; enables reduced cycle times versus clear float
  • Available in a range of sizes to suit customer requirements
  • Glass can be readily supplied mixed with other Pilkington products
  • Manufactured in the UK ensures shorter lead times

Please see our separate Pilkington K Glass™ A Handling and Processing Guidelines.

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