Fire Protection - Pilkington

Fire Protection Glass We offer a wide range of fire-resistant glass options with varying levels of protection to suit your needs. Protection levels are measured in defined time periods (30, 60, 90, 120 and 180 minutes) and in terms of either integrity and insulation or integrity only, as designated by the European Standards.

Fire protection units - Pilkington

Plus passive protection from the effects of fire for up to 180 minutes (product dependant). A range of fire-resistant glass units are available from Pilkingon Plyglass offering varying levels of protection, which are measured in terms of: Integrity - the time the glass remains intact in a fire. Insulation - the amount the glass will limit the temperature rise on the non-fire side. It should be ...

Fire Protection Glass - Pilkington

Available here is a wide range of relevant and interesting information about the properties and applications of Fire Protection Glass products offered by Pilkington, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of glazing for transparent fire-resistant glass.

Fire Safety - Pilkington

A clear, laminated fully insulating fire and safety glass that offers the highest levels of fire protection (integrity and insulation), maximising the available levels of natural light and visibility. The achieved classifications for integrity and insulation (EI) are for 30, 60, 90, 120 and 180 minutes.

Protecting cities against fire with advanced glazing

Fire protection was a key challenge for developer Meritcape when it set out to refurbish 1 Aylesbury Street – a converted historic warehouse building in Clerkenwell, East London. The designers wanted to fill every floor with natural light, from both the front and the back, by using floor-to-ceiling glazing throughout.

Pilkington Pyrostop®

The Pilkington Pyrostop® Range is a family of clear, laminated fully insulating fire- and impact-resistant glass that offers the highest levels of fire protection. Pilkington Pyrostop® JavaScript is not enabled in your browser We have detected that JavaScript is not enabled in your browser.

Pilkington Pyrodur®

Pilkington Pyrodur® is a clear, laminated fire- and impact-resistant glass offering up to 60 minutes integrity and is ideal for use in fire doors and partitioning. Pilkington Pyrodur® JavaScript is not enabled in your browser We have detected that JavaScript is not enabled in your browser.

Safety Security - Pilkington

Reducing the risk of accident or protecting against deliberate attack. The term “Safety” is applied to glazing used to reduce the risk of accident by impact, fracture, shattering, or in a fire.

The fading issue: why sunlight exposure damages ...

1. Reduce the ambient temperature, as fading tends to occur more rapidly at higher temperatures – so solar control glass, which helps prevent heat gain in rooms, may help 2. Avoid local overheating from lamps 3. Use laminated glass, with as thick an interlayer as possible 4. Reduce exposure to UV light and the blue end of the visible spectrum 5.

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