Zytronic showcase new ‘transparent goods’ Hi-Fi concept

Zytronic showcase new ‘transparent goods’ Hi-Fi concept

Press Release
10 Jan 2023
UK touchscreen and glass processing expert Zytronic is reinventing the white goods category with its futuristic new ‘transparent goods’ Hi-Fi system concept, powered invisibly using NSG TEC™ electrically conductive glass.
ElectroglaZ™ music system
The ElectroglaZ™ music system comprises of a single, upright sheet of laminated glass, which simultaneously powers a set of Bluetooth speakers, a media player and an LCD screen, surrounded by a multicoloured LED array. The stereo can be controlled via seven projected capacitive touch buttons which are carved into the surface of the glass to create a tactile feel for the user.

The coated glass acts as a wire, transferring power through conduction, creating the effect that the components are freely ‘floating’ within an optically clear panel.

The sound system has recently been showcased at glass industry show, GLASSTEC in Düsseldorf, and Light + Building in Frankfurt, the world’s leading trade fair for lighting and building services technology, where it drew interest from product designers and architects.

ElectroglaZ™ music systemTo create the ElectroglaZ™ unit, Zytronic laminated together two layers of transparent, electrically conductive NSG TEC™ glass. Electricity flows into the glass via a hidden connection around its perimeter, through the conductive glass’ lamination, and out to the speakers and screen. A third layer of glass is laminated to the front to create a touch interface to the device using Zytronic’s proprietary Project Capacitive (PCap) Technology.

The Hi-Fi system is part of a range of ElectroglaZ™ concepts Zytronic have created for the home, including a suspended transparent LED lit halo lighting design, a glass coffee table capable of charging mobile phones and tablets via inbuilt induction charging, and a transparent ‘huddle’ meeting room panel with video camera and LCD display powered through the glass.

Zytronic is best known for its highly durable projected capacitive touchscreen technologies used in variety of self-service and commercial applications, such as ticket vending machines, ATMs and outdoor EV charging stations.

Dr Andrew Morrison, Technical Director at Zytronic said: “Minimalist designs have long been popular in the electronic market, with consumers opting for sleek, simplistic options for their devices. However, this has been harder to achieve in sound system product design, due to the need for wires to transmit music and sound. But the ElectroglaZ™ Hi-Fi concept unit delivers this, modernising the traditional ‘white goods’ category with a transparent home appliance that utilises wireless power delivery to create a sleek design without the aesthetic disruption of power cables.”

Alderlan Vitalino from NSG Group said: “The home is becoming increasingly high tech, with smart devices, voice controlled lighting and automated appliances modernising every facet of household life. Zytronic’s technology offers new design possibilities across almost every appliance you can find in the home, providing new ways to create high-tech looking products.

“The unique properties of NSG TEC™ make it an ideal choice for a wide range of household products. It is highly durable, and the glass surface can be wiped down easily when cleaning, making products which use it, such as the Hi-Fi concept unit, able to withstand daily use in a busy household.”

Zytronic also works with Pilkington United Kingdom Limited, part of the NSG Group, to process other products including Pilkington Optiwhite™ for use in its touchscreen products.

NSG TEC™ has a wide range of applications in addition to wireless power delivery, including heated glass for commercial refrigeration, touch screens, vehicle displays and instrument panels, digital displays, and digital signage. 

For more information, visit: https://www.pilkington.com/en/global/commercial-applications/types-of-glass/powered-by-nsg-tec/overview

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