Transform Tired Bathrooms Into Modern Marvels With Multi-Functional Pilkington Glazing

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Pilkington Mirropane Chrome

Transform Tired Bathrooms Into Modern Marvels With Multi-Functional Pilkington Glazing

15 May 2018
It’s the perfect place to enjoy some peace and pampering - a calm oasis where you can escape from the rest of the world, so creating the perfect bathroom space will always add joy and value to your home and updating with modern detailing is easier than you think.
Choosing contemporary or multi-functional glazing is an ideal way to transform and revamp any tired bathroom, allowing you to inject your own sense of style. But with so much to choose from, where do you start? Which are the best products to suit your needs and style inspiration? And how can Pilkington help you to use cutting-edge contemporary designs to best effect?

Pilkington Mirropane™ Chrome is an ideal choice for anyone looking to combine a little creative flair with some serious practical benefits. 

Its special coating makes it perfect for use wherever there is humidity and a mirrored surface is desirable. So shower surrounds, or mirrored walls, can be created with the added benefit that it is resistant to corrosion. What’s more, it can be toughened, bent and laminated too - to fit bespoke fittings and used creatively to suit individual rooms. 

Pilkington MirroView™ is another versatile product that can be used in a variety of ways, as multi-functional screens and mirrors, to help create an ultra-modern bathroom. If you’ve ever fancied having a TV by the bath, then it’s now no problem as, amongst other benefits, Pilkington MirroView™ allows your bathroom mirror to double as a screen. 

Its highly-reflective coating means you can use it as the base for a stunning traditional mirror which can be switched into screen mode as and when required - tastefully hiding display screens or TVs when they aren’t in use and providing a perfectly clear view when they are.

Find out more about Pilkington Mirropane™ Chrome and Pilkington MirroView™ and how you could use them in your home here.

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