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Keep Warm This Winter With Pilkington Glass

08 Jan 2018
Keeping your home warm throughout the colder months can be a challenge, particularly in spacious and airy homes. Aside from it making homes less comfortable, the constant loss of heat in the winter can cause energy usage to rise and therefore increase your heating bills.

One of the best ways to ensure that you stay cosy all year round is to make use of high performing, insulating glass.

For example, the Pilkington K Glass™ range includes high performance glass which, through thermal insulation, prevents heat from escaping rooms by reflecting it back in. This can be the perfect way to keep your home warm and make it more energy-efficient by reducing the energy usage. 

Combining a glass from the Pilkington K Glass™ range in a Pilkington energiKare™ IGU can make your windows even more energy-efficient. Through the process known as ‘solar gain’ the outer pane of a Pilkington energiKare™ IGU allows more heat from the sun to pass through the glass into your home. 

Using these products means that you can make use of glazing throughout your home in features such as conservatories or glass box extensions in particular when you home is North facing without risking making your home colder. If you home or extension is south facing you should consider having glass with solar control properties.  Upgrading to energy efficient glazing can also help to reduce unsightly internal condensation which can be prevalent during colder times of the year.

For those looking to help keep energy usage down and their homes warm all year round, the Pilkington range of thermally efficient glass could be the ideal solution.

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