Pilkington MirroView™

Pilkington MirroView™ Gives digital displays and video screens a modern, transitional look.

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Pilkington MirroView™ is a multi-functional mirrored glass that can be used to conceal screens and digital displays when they aren’t being used. Easy to move and handle, the glass can be toughened, making it extremely durable.

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One such product is Pilkington MirroView ™, which allows digital screens to be used as reflective surfaces, concealing them until they are needed. The reflective mirror coating is specifically engineered for this Digital Display application, and enables the glass to be bi-functional and sleek looking, even when the digital screen is not in use.

Pilkington Mirropane™ Chrome, toughenable mirror

Overview. Pilkington Mirropane™ Chrome is a special off-line coated mirror, which is resistant to atmospheric corrosion. A versatile product which can be toughened, bent and laminated. Pilkington Mirropane™ Chrome can be used in a variety of interior, exterior and decorative applications such as:. Bathrooms/Wet Rooms/Shower Screens; Kitchen Splash Backs

Pilkington Optimirror™

Pilkington MirroView ... Pilkington Optimirror ™ The Pilkington Optimirror™ Range is a collection of high specification mirrors that incorporate excellent protection of the reflective silver layer, without the need for the copper and lead used in the conventional process. In addition to being environmentally friendly to manufacture, the Pilkington Optimirror™ Range offers far greater ...

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Pilkington MirroView™ is a highly reflective mirror coating with a clear substrate. Pilkington MirroView™ gives digital displays and video screens a modern, transitional look. Pilkington Mirropane™ Pilkington Mirropane™ is an on-line coated glass developed for use as a one-way mirror where clear vision is required and specific lighting ...

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Pilkington MirroView ... Pilkington Deutschland AG has played a major role in this development with its market-leading product lines Pilkington Pyrostop ®, Pilkington Pyrodur® and Pilkington Pyroclear®. Today the company looks back on more than three decades of innovation, product development, testing and expertise. Milestones in product development and application 1978 Market launch of the ...

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Pilkington Architectural Glass in the UK & Ireland We manufacture, process and distribute glass in the UK under the Pilkington brand name, using the most advanced glass and coating technology. We offer a wide range of innovative flat glass solutions for the construction industry, including the patented Pilkington Planar™ structural glazing system.

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Pilkington MirroView ™ Pilkington Mirropane ™ Applications; Pilkington Mirropane ™ Chrome. Bathroom Applications; Kitchen Applications; Outdoor Applications; Suppliers; Pilkington Galleria ™ Pilkington OptiView ™ Pilkington Optiwhite ™ Applications; Performance Data; Pilkington Plateau ™ History; Development; Manufacturing; Solar Energy. NSG TEC ™ Solar Applications. Product ...

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The former Pilkington UK Headquarters can still be seen at this location. In 1828 J. W. Bell sold his share of the company to Peter Greenall, James Bromilow, William Pilkington and a John Barnes. Since Bell had the technical knowledge of glass making and had kept the success of the works consistent, the loss of him looked damning for the company.