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How Green is Glass?

These legislative changes have been driven by concerns about global warming, fuel availability and pricing and sustainability of natural resources. Recognising these issues, the glass industry has created ever more environmentally-beneficial products, combining the traditional benefits of glass with properties normally associated with other building materials, such as steel, brick and concrete ...

Greener, warmer homes this winter - Pilkington

With more wind, rain and chilly weather expected this winter, and the ongoing gas and electricity tariff hikes, it is now more important than ever to look into ways of running an energy-efficient home to help reduce costs, while maintaining your home’s tip top condition and staying warm and cosy.

Glossary - Pilkington

Confused about terms and phrases associated with Part L? Fear not. Ahead of the implementation of Part L 2020, here is the Pilkington glossary that explains some of the key words and terms.

CE Marking - Pilkington

CE stands for 'Communité Européenne'.CE Marking indicates that a product conforms to a European technical standard identified as a harmonised European Norm (hEN). The harmonised European Norms (hENs) are standards adopted by the ‘Comité Européen de Normalisation' (CEN) who represents all the national standards bodies, following a mandate issued by the European Commission.

Durability of Glass - Pilkington

Durability of Glass The durability of glass can be witnessed in most cities with ancient churches. Unless broken by excessive loads glass will remain for very long periods.

Pilkington Spectrum

Pilkington Spectrum Pilkington Spectrum is a Windows-based glass performance model which enables you to quickly and efficiently calculate key properties of insulating glass units without the need to construct and measure them.

Glass Manufacturer Supplier Product Info Pilkington

Sustainability. Pilkington energiKare ™ - Information for Trade Customers; Pilkington Activ™ Range; Pilkington Energy Surcharge; Buying from Pilkington; Announcement November 2013; Where glass can be used. View Glass Applications. Pilkington energiKare™ IGU Replacement Leaflet Pilkington energiKare™ Trade Brochure Pilkington energiKare™ Triple brochure Pilkington energiKare ...

Pilkington Automotive UK Wholesale

You tell us what you want; when you want it and where you want it and leave the rest to our branches throughout the UK to sort it out. Ordering online is straightforward or, if you prefer, call one of our hotlines at local rate, or fax us.