Fire and Sustainability

Fire and Sustainability Fire can have a major impact on the sustainability of communities and the built environment since a building that burns down is fundamentally unsustainable. Losses due to fire in the UK are rising, for example, causing insured losses above £1 billion per year. The fire protection of buildings therefore has an increasing role on the sustainability agenda, calling for ...

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Sustainability - Pilkington ... Sustainability

Environmental Benefit - Pilkington

Environmental Benefit Energy efficiency in buildings . Today’s increased use of glass in architecture and the ever growing focus on energy efficiency are driving developers, owners and occupants to demand higher performing products than ever before.

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Industry, Issues And Policy, Sustainability. Read More. News Item. 97 percent of EU buildings need to be upgraded. 10 December 2017. 97% of buildings in Europe require an energy efficiency refurbishment, according to a new report. Based on data from Energy Performance Certificates (EPC), the conclusion of the latest BPIE analysis is that less than 3% of the building stock in the EU qualifies ...

How our approach to innovation transformed the ...

How our approach to innovation transformed the headquarters of Alm. Brand. At the heart of our approach to innovation is a belief that no challenge is too great – and no customer need is too complex – that we cannot find solutions that will break new ground.

My Pilkington™

Through My Pilkington™ companies are able to complete details about their company, their contact details, the products and services they offer and the areas they supply. This information is then viewable on the Supplier Finder that sits at the top of every page on our website. The supplier finder is a great way to promote your companies services!

Insulating Glass Units - Pilkington

Overview Offering exceptional performance, Pilkington Insulight™ glazing units are preferred by many architects as they allow for maximum design flexibility and creativity. This has resulted in many of the innovative commercial buildings we see today. Pilkington Insulight™ is a technically advanced dual-sealed unit meeting British and European standards and is designed to offer a variety ...

Solar Control - Pilkington

Solar Control Glass The increased use of glass in architecture today makes it imperative to consider the comfort of a building's occupants. Solar control glass can be an attractive feature of a building whilst at the same time minimising, or even eliminating the need for an air conditioning system, reducing running costs of the building and saving energy.

Pilkington Optiphon™

Overview. Pilkington Optiphon™ is a high quality acoustic laminated glass that offers excellent noise reduction without compromising on light transmittance or impact performance.The desired acoustic performance can be achieved through combining various thicknesses of glass with a special PVB (polyvinylbutyral) interlayer.