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Each of our solar glass solutions are optimised to suit specific technologies, making NSG the ideal provider of glass to solar energy technology manufacturers. Solar Glass and Solar Technologies. Solar energy panels offer alternative solutions to a range of energy requirements, from small scale domestic applications to large scale solar power stations, from cloudy northern rooftops to hot sunny deserts. Solar glass is an integral and important element of these solar panels.

Solar Control - Pilkington

Solar Energy Solar Control Reduces solar heat gain and offers high levels of natural light to provide comfortable and pleasant environments in which to live and work.

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The rate of radiant energy emitted per unit wavelength interval is called the spectral energy distribution function. As indicated in the diagram below only a narrow band between 380 nm and 780 nm of the solar spectrum received at the earth's surface is visible to the eye, whilst the radiation below 380 nm (ultraviolet) and between 780 nm and about 3000 nm (near infrared) and beyond is invisible.

The fading issue: why sunlight exposure damages possessions and what ...

1. Reduce the ambient temperature, as fading tends to occur more rapidly at higher temperatures – so solar control glass, which helps prevent heat gain in rooms, may help 2. Avoid local overheating from lamps 3. Use laminated glass, with as thick an interlayer as possible 4. Reduce exposure to UV light and the blue end of the visible spectrum 5.

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Solar Energy. NSG TEC ... It’s naturally been a frustrating time as headwinds in the global supply chain and onset of the energy crisis have limited the glass trades’ ability to throw its full weight behind market opportunities. Supply constraints channelled unprecedented demand through to Pilkington UK. Our team worked incredibly hard to ...

Renovating with Pilkington energiKare™

These buildings are also protected by government regulations so improving their energy efficiency requires the uttermost care once approval is granted. Changeworks, an organisation specialising in the restoration of historical properties, was recently tasked with improving the energy efficiency of Archibald Place – a category B listed Georgian tenement in Edinburgh.

External Condensation - Pilkington

In many cases the condensation does not last long, as a little heat from the sun will warm the outer pane of the glass enough to allow the water to evaporate. However one of the major benefits of energy efficient double and triple glazing is the reduction or in most cases the total removal of internal condensation when compared to single glazing.

Pilkington Pyroclear®

Benefits. Pilkington Pyroclear ® is an integrity only product for 30 and 60 minutes, (E30 and E60) to BS EN 13501-02; Integrity with reduced heat radiation (EW60) is achieved by using Pilkington Pyroclear ® Plus in an insulating glass unit (IGU) or a monolithic laminated glass; Unique product design and system description, manufacturing process and quality assurance system

Pilkington Pyrodur®

Overview. Using the same technology as Pilkington Pyrostop ®, Pilkington Pyrodur ® is tried and tested against fire and hot gases. Pilkington Pyrodur ® is widely used and specified in a range of softwood and hardwood timber. Offering up to 60 mins integrity, Pilkington Pyrodur ® can combine impact resistance (BS EN 12600) up to Class 1(B)1 and penetration resistance (BS EN 356) to ...

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