Replacement Glazing - Pilkington

Replacement Glazing Energy-efficient replacement glass for windows Replace your glass, Reduce your heat loss Reduce the amount of heat lost through windows in your home by up to 75% - by installing Pilkington energiKare™ units containing energy-efficient glass.

Structural Glazing Systems |Pilkington Planar™

Pilkington Planar™ structural glazing system provides a flush glass surface by utilising stainless steel fittings housed in countersunk holes to fix the glass facade back to the structure instead of using the more conventional framed systems. The result is a fully engineered system with the minimum of structure and the maximum visual clarity. A silicone seal between adjacent panels provides ...

The Evolution of Glazing - Pilkington

The glazing industry has seen significant developments since the first pane of float glass was produced by us here in St Helens in 1959. You just need to fast forward to the modern-day market, from a time when glass was only available in a single thickness and colour, to see that investment in research and development and innovative technologies now ensure our customers have access to a wide ...

Pilkington K Glass™ Range

The UK’s leading energy-efficient glass brand. Range Overview. Pilkington K Glass™ is the UK’s leading thermal glass brand. Established for over 30 years and easily stocked, processed and installed, it has become the trusted solution for meeting Building Regulations concerning energy efficiency.

Enhance Your Home With The New Pilkington Texture Glass ...

The beauty of using decorative glass for many homeowners is the ability to create stylish glass features while maximizing privacy and light.

Glass Floors - Pilkington

Replacement Glazing Glass Floors A glass floor allows light to pass through a building reducing the need for artificial lighting and providing a natural source of daylight. The introduction of light through the core of a building can transform what might otherwise be a dull claustrophobic interior.

The Good Glass Guide - Pilkington

It is always best to seek specialist advice for large scale alterations to your home. This is extremely important if you are taking out a wall and replacing it with a glass partition, as the original wall may be supporting the floor above. It is therefore advisable to seek advice from an architect, builder or specialised fitter. 6.

Glass and Explosions - Pilkington

EN 13541 : 2000 : 'Glass in building - Security glazing - Testing and classification of resistance against explosion pressure' Subject to blast waves generated using shock tube. Simulation of high explosive detonation. 4 classifications (ER1, ER2, ER3 and ER4) S (Splinters) or NS (No splinters) The selection and application of blast resistant glass needs specialist advice and there are ...

Glass and Manual Attack - Pilkington

The combination of toughened and laminated glass is often suggested to get the best of both worlds. The reality can be a glass that rapidly loses its integrity when both panes are broken. The lack of support offered by broken toughened can allow the glass to fold and be removed from the frame. The range of manual attack applications is quite broad.

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