Replacement Glazing - Pilkington

Replacement Glazing Energy-efficient replacement glass for windows Replace your glass, Reduce your heat loss Reduce the amount of heat lost through windows in your home by up to 75% - by installing Pilkington energiKare™ units containing energy-efficient glass.

Automotive Glass Replacement - Pilkington

Original Equipment Automotive Glass Replacement Automotive Glass Replacement Pilkington Automotive is the global number one in AGR distribution & wholesale. As well as its major OE facilities within each region, Pilkington operates additional capacity focused on production for the aftermarket.

Pilkington Decorative Glass Range

No one offers a bigger choice of original designs for patterned/textured glass, in fact, you can choose from a range of 19 designs from traditional to contemporary. The range offers 5 privacy levels to suit your needs. For information photography taken with focal point of camera to glass 85 cm and clock front to glass 15 cm.

The Evolution of Glazing - Pilkington

The glazing industry has seen significant developments since the first pane of float glass was produced by us here in St Helens in 1959. You just need to fast forward to the modern-day market, from a time when glass was only available in a single thickness and colour, to see that investment in research and development and innovative technologies now ensure our customers have access to a wide ...

A glass and glazing safety standard is changing, but what ... - Pilkington

The revision covers inwardly sloping glazing, where the glazing might be subjected to inadvertent head impact. Sloping glazing is defined in the standard as any glazing between horizontal and 15° of true vertical. This design could be found in bathing areas, where the glazing is adjacent to or surrounding private or public swimming pools. It ...

Glass Floors - Pilkington

For novel designs and bolted fixings you may need to employ the services of a structural engineer to ensure the glass is operating within its stress limits. Care has to be taken with the finished surface to avoid slipping. An etched or printed surface can improve grip and aid against slipping. Wet locations are particularly prone to slipping.

The Good Glass Guide - Pilkington

It is always best to seek specialist advice for large scale alterations to your home. This is extremely important if you are taking out a wall and replacing it with a glass partition, as the original wall may be supporting the floor above. It is therefore advisable to seek advice from an architect, builder or specialised fitter. 6.

Structural glazing and building design-a changing skyline - Pilkington

This was achieved using the Pilkington Planar™ point-supported glazing system to secure panes of up to 1.5m by almost 3.5m of 12mm Pilkington Optiwhite™ true low-iron glass to a series of 26-metre-wide one-piece horizontal trusses spanning the atrium. Additional vertical support was provided by low-profile stainless steel tension rods. A total of 970 sq m of glass was used, weighing around ...

Why glass can have a bigger impact on building occupants ... - Pilkington

Developments in glazing technology, including frameless structural glazing systems in particular, have helped building design teams flood buildings with natural light and create better visual connections between inside and out. Blocking out the outside world. It’s just as important to block out unwanted environmental noise as it is to flood rooms with daylight. The noise we’re exposed to ...

Part L 2022 Current Thinking - Pilkington

Option 1 adopts a 'fabric first' approach to ensure that there is a high performance building envelope, thus 'locking in' energy savings and carbon emission reductions now. The Government's preferred option 2 is based on a less ambitious fabric but with the introduction of renewable technologies. Is this a missed opportunity?

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