Structural Glazing Systems |Pilkington Planar™

Pilkington Planar ™ structural glazing system provides a flush glass surface by utilising stainless steel fittings housed in countersunk holes to fix the glass facade back to the structure instead of using the more conventional framed systems. The result is a fully engineered system with the minimum of structure and the maximum visual clarity. A silicone seal between adjacent panels provides ...

How Pilkington Planar is inspiring architects imagination

This was achieved using the Pilkington Planar™ point-supported glazing system to secure 1.5m by 3.5m panes of 12mm Pilkington Optiwhite™ true low-iron glass to a series of 26-metre-wide horizontal trusses. A total of 970 sq m of glass was used, weighing around 29 tonnes.

Pilkington Planar™ Goes Stateside On Business TV Show

Pilkington Planar™ has been featured on a leading US business programme following our work with W&W, reaching a potential audience of more than 200 million people worldwide. W&W is the largest supplier of structural glass systems in the US and the exclusive distributor of Pilkington Planar ™ in North America.

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Fully Engineered Structural Glazing System - Pilkington

Pilkington Planar™ is never sold as glass or hardware alone, but always as a complete system; the design of which remains the exclusive responsibility of Pilkington, giving you absolute reassurance. The knowledge acquired by Pilkington Architectural over the past 40 years of testing has enabled the company to introduce a Code of Practice for structural glass façades. Every part of every ...