Pilkington Optimirror™

The Pilkington Optimirror™ Range is a collection of high specification mirrors that incorporate excellent protection of the reflective silver layer, without the need for the copper and lead used in the conventional process.

Pilkington Optimirror™ Protect

Pilkington Optimirror™ Protect has a safety film backing to protect against possible injury resulting from breakage. This makes it the ideal choice for applications anywhere in the home where there is greater risk of accidental damage e.g. doors, wardrobes and children's rooms.

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Pilkington OptiView™ is a range of glass with a anti-reflective coating(s) to reduce visible light reflectance and to allow more light to pass through. Pilkington OptiView™ Ultra Pilkington OptiView™ Ultra is an off-line coated, anti-reflective, extra clear glass.

Pilkington Launches Innovative New Safety Mirror

Pilkington Optimirror™ Protect Plus is formed of a composite material - a mirror bonded to metal through the application of the Chromatics process - rather than a mirror with a safety film. If broken, glass remains in place until the mirror is easily and safely replaced.

Pilkington Mirropane™ Chrome, toughenable mirror

Pilkington Mirropane™ Chrome is a special off-line coated mirror, which is resistant to atmospheric corrosion. A versatile product which can be toughened, bent and laminated. Pilkington Mirropane™ Chrome can be used in a variety of interior, exterior and decorative applications such as: Bathrooms/Wet Rooms/Shower Screens; Kitchen Splash Backs

A glass and glazing safety standard is changing, but what ... - Pilkington

Pilkington Optilam™ is a laminated safety glass produced by combining two or more sheets of glass with one or more plastic interlayers. The most common of which is a polyvinylbutyral (PVB) interlayer which, in the event of a breakage holds the broken pieces together.

Solar Control - Pilkington

** g-value depends on which thermal insulation glass is selected as inner pane (all based on 4 mm thickness) For higher g-values please refer to our Thermal Insulation glass product range For thicknesses other than above calculate using Pilkington Spectrum Optifloat™ Tint Suncool™ Range Products With Multiple Benefits

Pilkington Activ™ Range

The Pilkington Activ™ Range includes products which benefit from both self-cleaning and solar control properties helping to create an environment that can be used all year round. The product range. Pilkington Activ™ Clear: Self-cleaning glass. Pilkington Activ™ Bronze: Self-cleaning glass with solar control properties

Pilkington Spectrum

Pilkington Spectrum allows you to combine a wide range of products available from Pilkington and determine their key properties such as light transmittance, g value and U-value. The program includes restrictions that prevent some combinations being selected that may be considered unwise or impractical.

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