Pilkington Texture Glass

Pilkington Texture Glass Warwick™ Pilkington Texture Glass Warwick™ is a random pattern which has implications when cutting the glass down into finished sizes. If a pane is small enough, potentially there could be no evidence of the pattern at all. Therefore it is important when cutting and optimising this glass that the overall appearance of the finished pane is considered so that the ...

Decorative Glass Range - Pilkington - First in Glass

Pilkington Texture Glass. An innovative design that proves Pilkington still leads the way. Pushing the boundaries of textured glass production, the fine line detail and carefully considered angles of Pilkington Cassini ™ combine to produce a stunning multi-layered effect.* The use of cutting edge technology results in a unique modern design with lenticular elements that shift with the ...

Glass - Pilkington

Overview Pilkington's expertise in glass manufacture means that the company is able to provide the customer with an extensive range of glass types for total flexibility of design - in performance, appearance and transparency.

Pilkington Decoration range - Pilkington - First in Glass

Pilkington Texture Glass. With no fewer than 19 designs ranging from classic to contemporary, no-one offers a wider choice of attractive patterns. For privacy, style or to allow more light into internal rooms, our decorative glass gives you a wide range of options for your home or office. Pilkington Insulight™ Decor. Our own glazing unit incorporating a wide range of decorative effects for ...

Pilkington Painted Glass

Pilkington Painted Glass is a stylish range of colour backed decorative non-toughened glass, created especially for indoor use. The glass has a sleek, modern lustre thanks to a high quality coating on the back. The result is a highly durable, multi-purpose product with limitless design opportunities.

Glass Applications - Pilkington

Pilkington Texture Glass Warwick™ Pilkington Insulight ™ Decor; Glass Systems. Pilkington Planar ™ Pilkington Profilit ™ Pilkington Planar ™ Sentry Glass ® System; Special Applications. NSG TEC ™ Technical Applications; Pilkington AviSafe™ Pilkington Anti-condensation Glass. Performance Data; Pilkington Insulight ™ with ScreenLine ® Pilkington Microfloat ™ Pilkington ...

Pilkington K Glass™ Range

The UK’s leading energy-efficient glass brand. Range Overview. Pilkington K Glass™ is the UK’s leading thermal glass brand. Established for over 21 years and easily stocked, processed and installed, it has become the trusted solution for meeting Building Regulations concerning energy efficiency.