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Housebuilders and developers operating in all three nations of Great Britain will need to be aware of the differences to ensure the glass is correctly specified to meet the new requirements. Specify smarter, not less For some architects, Part O is getting them hot and bothered.

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21 Jun 2021 Pilkington United Kingdom Limited, part of the NSG Group, has made two new senior appointments - promoting Kristian Chalmers to Head of Sales, and Leo Pyrah to Marketing and VA Manager.

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We receive a lot of enquiries about the appearance of external condensation particularly in the Spring and Autumn. External condensation is a natural phenomenon and predictable event caused by the outer pane of the glazing being colder than the glass that it replaced.

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Light spill or light pollution is excessive, misdirected, or obtrusive artificial light, often emitted from buildings. If there is too much light pollution, it can wash out starlight in the night sky, interfere with astronomical research and disrupts ecosystems.

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We recommend that glass is cleaned with a clean cloth and a clear non-abrasive cleaner, such as clean soapy water or a proprietary window cleaner.

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This is the total amount of solar radiant heat that enters the building by direct transmission and re-radiation from the heat absorbed by the glass.

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Pilkington AviSafe™ is an innovative glass solution, developed to greatly reduce the number of bird collisions with glass. The unique patterned ultraviolet enhanced coating disrupts the reflection on the glass, so the bird can see a barrier. The reflection of vegetation, the sky, and other buildings are deceptive and can result in bird collisions.

NSG pledges £145,000 Apprenticeship Levy boost for Acorns Children’s ...

09 Feb 2024 We are delighted to announce during National Apprenticeship Week that we have pledged £145,000 towards employee training at Acorns Children’s Hospice with an Apprenticeship Levy transfer.

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We offer a range of products which can provide thermal insulation to reduce heat loss in winter:

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