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Health Applications As the world changes, health and safety are at the forefront of everyone's mind. Our antimicrobial glass technology provides solutions for shared spaces and everywhere germs are a concern such as: Commercial and public buildings including office, retail, education, healthcare, leisure and hospitality environments ; Public transport such as school buses, trains, shuttle ...

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Health Applications; Special Applications; Solar Energy; Special Applications. Glass with unique characteristics used in both building and non-building applications. Glass for Special Applications Our range of products includes coated or non-coated glass of various substrates, that are used for internal or external buildings, as well as for non-building applications. Glass with unique ...

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Applications Interior Glazing. Pilkington Optiwhite™ is the ideal solution for glass doors, glass partitions, glass stairs, balustrades, and more.. Interior glazing is increasingly popular in commercial and residential buildings in order to allow natural light to flow throughout the building or as a design feature.

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Health Applications. Pilkington SaniTise™ Applications; Special Applications. NSG TEC ™ Technical Applications; Pilkington AviSafe™ Pilkington Anti-condensation Glass. Performance Data; Pilkington Microwhite ™ Pilkington MirroView ™ Pilkington Mirropane ™ Applications; Pilkington Mirropane ™ Chrome. Bathroom Applications; Kitchen ...

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Health Applications; Special Applications; Solar Energy; Safety / Security. Provides impact or impact and penetration resistance to protect people from accidental injury, deliberate attack and damage from criminal activity. Safety / Security Glass Reducing the risk of accident or protecting against deliberate attack. For total reassurance of greater safety and security without compromising ...

Antimicrobial glass ready for launch after obtaining third ...

The launch of the new glass product, Pilkington SaniTise™, follows the glass giant’s Lancashire based research and development team fast tracking its research into antimicrobial coatings in the wake of the pandemic.The work was supported by testing at leading UK universities. Pilkington SaniTise™ is a transparent coated glass that’s activated through UV radiation.

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Glass and Human Impact Glass in its annealed form, framed and in tact is not an immediate threat but when it is broken the long shards turn into effective cutting devices with sharp edges and momentum.

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Example of application: Commerzbank tower, Frankfurt. The extension to the national headquarters for one of Germany's leading banks included a polygonal, large glazed EI 30 compartmentation facade between plaza and lobby. The plaza roof was equipped in EI 30 roof glazing in some areas to prevent flash-over to the high rise tower in the event of ...

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We often get asked about external condensation as there is a common misconception that it is caused through a fault in glazing units. Condensation, a natural occurrence, can occur on the external surface of double glazed units, especially as winter approaches. To help explain, we investigate the causes below.

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About Fire Protection Transparent solutions for protection of human life . Thanks to the continuous development and refinement of fire-resistant glass products modern glass architecture can implement its "democratic" values and principles of transparency and openness consistently both on the outer façades as well as in building interiors.