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Glass Furniture Glass is increasingly a fashionable element of interior design and an integral part of contemporary furniture solutions. When designing furniture with glass elements, the appearance and visual effects of different types of glass, colours & translucency are taken into consideration.

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Glass Furniture. Glass is an integral part of contemporary furniture solutions. Modern, stylish furniture designs can be created with our extra clear glass, with the benefit being particularly clear on exposed glass edges. We also have a wide range of decorative glass products including textured and acid etched glass. For increased safety and mechanical strength products can be toughened and ...

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Glass Floors; Glass Furniture; Kitchens; Mirrors; Rooflights; Solar Panels; Windows; Conservatory Roof Replacement; Replacement Glazing; Glass Floors A glass floor allows light to pass through a building reducing the need for artificial lighting and providing a natural source of daylight. The introduction of light through the core of a building can transform what might otherwise be a dull ...

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Alternative Glass Applications. Acrylic Castings; Glass Splash Backs; Glass for commercial refrigeration; Digital Signage; Furniture; Heated Glass; Infrastructure; Lighting Products; Mirror Concealing Displays; Display glass ideal for museums, visitors centres & retails display units; NSG TEC™ Picture Glass; Glass Splash Backs; Contact ...

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UK Sites We operate from a number of sites across the UK within Architectural, Automotive and Speciality Strategic Business Units. If you would like to contact Architectural the best way is via our Contact Form.. European Technical Centre - Pilkington Group Limited

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Glass Furniture; Glass Doors The entrance to a building is an opportunity to create a dramatic entrance and make a statement about the building or the client. With glass the entrance can be open and inviting but at the same time different combinations of glass can be used to provide for example: impact resistance, fire protection, sound insulation, security and thermal insulation . Specialist ...

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Glass is non-combustible, except for laminated glass, which generally (1) achieves the highest rating for fire propagation. Materials, which are non-combustible, or achieve the highest rating for fire propagation, are designated Class 0 according to Building Regulations. See also Technical Bulletin Glass and Fire Resistance.

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Glass with damaged edges will take less stress than clean cut glass. A good clean cut edge is the best finish along with fully polished edges. Ground edges and arrissed edges may not be as good. A ground or arrissed edge is a series of small defects around the glass. The effect brings all the defects to an average level and may at best be only more predictable than a glass with more random damage.

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BS EN 356: Glass in building – Security glazing - Testing and classification of resistance against manual attack. BS EN 410: Glass in building - Determination of luminous and solar characteristics of glazing. BS EN 572: - Glass in building - Basic soda lime silicate glass products. Part 1: Definitions and general physical and mechanical ...

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Overview. Using the same technology as Pilkington Pyrostop ®, Pilkington Pyrodur ® is tried and tested against fire and hot gases. Pilkington Pyrodur ® is widely used and specified in a range of softwood and hardwood timber. Offering up to 60 mins integrity, Pilkington Pyrodur ® can combine impact resistance (BS EN 12600) up to Class 1(B)1 and penetration resistance (BS EN 356) to ...