Glass Furniture - Pilkington

Glass Furniture Glass is increasingly a fashionable element of interior design and an integral part of contemporary furniture solutions. When designing furniture with glass elements, the appearance and visual effects of different types of glass, colours & translucency are taken into consideration.

Glass Furniture - Pilkington

Glass Furniture Glass is an integral part of contemporary furniture solutions. Modern, stylish furniture designs can be created with our extra clear glass, with the benefit of being particularly clear on exposed glass edges. We also have a wide range of decorative glass products including textured and acid etched glass.

Glass Applications - Pilkington

Alternative Glass Applications. Commercial Refrigeration; Digital Signage; Glass Furniture; Heated Glass; Infrastructure; Lighting Products; Mirror Concealing Displays; Museum and Display Glass; Picture Glass; Splash Backs; Transparent Multi-functional Wires; Contact. Corporate Contacts; Corporate Information; About This Site. About this site ...

Conservatory - Pilkington - First in Glass

It provides a light filled area that can be used as a dining area, playroom, additional seating/living area. Extensions with glass roofs have also become a popular method of bringing additional light into your home, and with the development of our self-cleaning glass range, maintenance of glass roofs and glass box extension has become easier.

The Good Glass Guide - Pilkington

For single glass panes, there is no warranty on the glass itself. The glass will be manufactured to the appropriate product standard. The installers may offer a warranty for their workmanship, or a period in which they will return to fix defects, so it is always worth asking for a warranty for work carried out on your property.

Pilkington Decoration range

Decoration Glass Our decorative glass is very versatile; it allows total freedom in design and can be customised to fulfil any requirements. Various technologies can be used to create the finished products, whether it is patterned or coloured glass. We can also influence the transparency of the glass surface, as well as its light transmittance ...

Glass and Human Impact - Pilkington

Glass used in furniture should also comply with the safety requirments for tables, cabinets, shelves and glass doors to wardrobes etc. The most frequently used glass used to improve personal safety is toughened andlaminated glass products.

Glass Floors - Pilkington

Glass can be used as a floor panel or stair tread and even provide fire protection. Safety is critical when glass is to be used in these situations and the Pilkington technical advisory service can help with calculations for the glass thickness and construction.

Glass and Thermal Stress - Pilkington

Glass with damaged edges will take less stress than clean cut glass. A good clean cut edge is the best finish along with fully polished edges. Ground edges and arrissed edges may not be as good. A ground or arrissed edge is a series of small defects around the glass. The effect brings all the defects to an average level and may at best be only more predictable than a glass with more random damage.

Glass Strength - Pilkington

Glass is not like other products used in buildings. It is clear, fairly rigid providing a lot of strength but can be brittle as well. At an atomic level glass is a network of silicon and oxygen bonds modified randomly by sodium. The structure is not regular as it would be if it were liquid. The network of bonds prevent the glass from being ductile.

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