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Façade Glass façades in a residential property allow glass to be used in large uninterrupted areas often creating a dramatic statement. The glass can be installed in a system based on aluminium or steel profiles or as a point fixed structural glazing system such as Pilkington Planar™. Our product portfolio ensures a designer/architect can control every aspect of the performance of the ...

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Façade: the face of a building, or the cladding covering it. Façade element: a part of the façade, such as a window or spandrel panel. Face clearance: the distance between the glass and the rebate upstand. This is usually filled with a gasket or sealant. Fanlight: the glazing immediately above the door. Faraday Cage: a complete electrically conducting earthed screen around a volume of space ...

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Glass Systems The Pilkington Planar™ structural glazing system provides a flush glass surface by utilising stainless steel fittings housed in countersunk holes to fix the glass facade back to the structure instead of using the more conventional framed systems. With its unrivalled stability and safety, this innovative product allows architects to build entire structures out of glass, enabling ...

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Overview Pilkington Planar™ systems remain the world’s market leader for structural glazing systems.With its unrivalled stability and safety, this innovative product allows architects to build entire structures out of glass, allowing architects design flexibility to create bright and highly attractive working environments, with more light and a greater feeling of space.

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With generic values there is a risk of over specifying so for more accurate advice an acoustic consultant can be employed to survey the building or proposal and provide site specific requirements often by floor and by orientation of façade. We can help with generic information and glass performance.

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Glass Strength Glass is not like other products used in buildings. It is clear, fairly rigid providing a lot of strength but can be brittle as well.

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NSG TEC™ Solar Applications. NSG TEC™ is a group of products, including a comprehensive range of TCO glass (Transparent Conductive Oxide coated glass), optimised to suit a variety of thin film photovoltaics, with different haze and conductivity levels.. NSG TEC™ Technical Applications. NSG TEC™ offers a wide variety of thermal and heated glass performance properties, whilst increasing ...

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The UK’s leading energy-efficient glass brand. Range Overview. Pilkington K Glass™ is the UK’s leading thermal glass brand. Established for over 21 years and easily stocked, processed and installed, it has become the trusted solution for meeting Building Regulations concerning energy efficiency.

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Solar Control Glass The increased use of glass in architecture today makes it imperative to consider the comfort of a building's occupants. Solar control glass can be an attractive feature of a building whilst at the same time minimising, or even eliminating the need for an air conditioning system, reducing running costs of the building and saving energy.