Pilkington Mirropane™

Applications. Pilkington Mirropane™ is the ideal choice for supermarkets, computer rooms, banks or cash offices, where areas need to be kept under observation or hidden from public scrutiny. It is also appropriate for patient monitoring in hospitals or residential care establishments. Pilkington Mirropane™ is available in 6 mm annealed form. . Pilkington Mirropane™ is normally only used ...

Windows - Pilkington

Replacing or installing new windows provides the opportunity for you to enhance your home not only in terms of appearance, but in terms of energy performance and comfort, improved noise insulation, improved security, and even lower maintenance with self-cleaning glass. The combination of glass you require needs to be carefully considered, depending on the location and orientation of your home ...

Energy-efficient Windows - Pilkington

Energy-efficient Windows Save energy AND money! You've probably heard that the amount of CO 2 that you produce in your day-to-day life is directly linked to climate change. The fuel that you use to heat your home is likely to generate CO 2.By becoming more energy-efficient, you can help to decrease the amount of fuel needed to heat your home, which means less CO 2 waste and smaller monthly bills.

Thermal Insulation - Pilkington

The Window Energy Ratings Scheme is based on a scale of A+ through to G, with A+ rated windows being the most energy-efficient. Public and Commercial Buildings. Window Energy Ratings are not applicable for use in public or commercial buildings where there may be both heating and cooling requirements.

See things clearer with self-cleaning glass

“Our Pilkington Activ™ range ensures that creating a space with lots of light and windows doesn’t also require vast amounts of time or money to maintain these areas – the latest products in our range allows you to spend time enjoying the stunning window views and feeling of open space without worrying about the upkeep”

When I’ve got self-cleaning windows

Phil Brown, European regulatory marketing manager at Pilkington United Kingdom Limited, part of the NSG Group, comments on self-cleaning glass and its growing market in the UK.

Doors - Pilkington

Glass Doors The entrance to a building is an opportunity to create a dramatic entrance and make a statement about the building or the client.

Pilkington Spacia™

As part of a SAP calculation for new dwellings, Pilkington Spacia™, in an appropriate frame, can meet or improve upon the minimum elemental standards for fabric performance – sometimes referred to as 'backstop' values - of window U-value of 2.0 W/m²K or lower value of 1.6 W/m²K proposed for the next revision of Part L. Pilkington Spacia™ can also be used for replacement windows that ...

Durability of Glass

Durability of Glass The durability of glass can be witnessed in most cities with ancient churches. Unless broken by excessive loads glass will remain for very long periods.