Building Regulations

Building Regulations for Architects Building Regulations (sometimes known as building standards) define how a new building or alteration is to be constructed. The regulations cover a number of areas including: Safety Fire risk Energy efficiency Accessibility Ventilation Security

Part O: What you need to know - Pilkington

By specifying not just to meet regulations, but exceed them, architects can help futureproof buildings against climate change and reduce the overall carbon footprint of a development. But this isn’t the only location-based difference architects need to take into account.

Part L Overview - Pilkington

Glass Solutions for Architects Standards & Regulations Part L 2022 Part L Overview Part L Overview Welcome to our Part L hub Changes to Part L of the Building Regulations in England, including the supporting Approved Documents, are expected to have a significant impact on glass and glazing products in residential and non-residential buildings.

Overheating in new dwellings - Pilkington

As buildings located in some Central Manchester postcodes may also experience elevated night-time temperatures, they should be considered high risk. Using the simplified method, new residential buildings should meet the maximum glazing area and shading standards in the tables below.

European/British Standards and Codes of Practice - Pilkington

Pilkington Spec-it!

UK & Ireland Glass Solutions for Architects Specification Tools Pilkington Spec-it! Specify your projects quickly and easily with Pilkington Spec-it! If you know the target U and g values for your project, then Spec-it! can help you select the right product. Two clicks to Spec-it!

A glass and glazing safety standard is changing, but what ... - Pilkington

A combination of Building Regulations and British Standards outline the requirements for glazing in critical locations. One of the two relevant British Standards, BS 6262, is currently going through a major revision and the changes will need to be understood by everyone from manufacturers to building designers.

Glassary - U - Pilkington

an abbreviation of insulating glass unit. U value: a measure of the rate of heat loss through the wall of a building material. Also described as thermal transmittance.

Glassary - G - Pilkington

Glassary - G G0: see bullet resistance. G1: see bullet resistance. G1/S: obsolete British Standard Specification for bullet resistance. G2: see bullet resistance. G3: obsolete British Standard Specification for bullet resistance. Galleria™: Pilkington Galleria™ is our brand name for a rolled glass, which is designed for picture framing. The rolled surface diffuses the reflections from the ...

Specification Checklist - Pilkington

Glass Solutions for Architects Glass Information Specification Checklist Specification Checklist Below is listed the information required to enable the Pilkington Technical Advisory Service to offer support on the topic concerned. When seeking further advice please ensure that you have the required information available.

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