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Future Architecture for Combating Environmental Changes

Creative architects and designers have been dreaming up futuristic architecture for decades. And although our idea of the future and our definition of futuristic architecture changes with every generation, there are a few similarities; every design seems to help us adapt our surrounding habitats to suit the ever changing environment and climate.

How Fire-resistant Glass Can Help Architects Break Down Walls

The architect wanted to fill every floor with natural light, from both the front and the back, by using floor-to-ceiling glazing throughout. However, the rear of the property was just three metres away from a neighbouring building, so fire protection was needed to reduce the risk of fire spreading between the two. In years gone by, there would have been no choice but to design in a solid wall ...

Overheating in New Dwellings in Wales - Pilkington

If you have any questions on Part L 2021 in Wales and what the implications might be for glass, please complete our online contact form, selecting 'Architect' or 'Trade' as the Nature of Enquiry and 'Part L' as the Enquiry Type.

Pilkington Spec-it!

For specifications on the move, Spec-it! can also be found in the Spectrum app for iOS and Android devices. Easy search for other criteria As well as key parameters such as light transmittance, U value and g value, Spec-it! also allows you to search on acoustics, safety, security and glass thickness.

Specification Checklist - Pilkington

For basic domestic aquaria constructions please refer to our "ready reckoner" to help you determine the correct glass thickness - Click here to view the ready reckoner. Where the application is more complex or laminated or toughened glass is required please contact us with the following information:

Fire Corridor - Pilkington

Glass Fire Corridor The provision of escape routes or the subdivision of areas within a building can save lives and business essential areas from fire.

Glassary - D - Pilkington

Glassary - D Data protection: the electromagnetic shielding of computers either to prevent scanning of the radio waves emitted by computers or to prevent corruption of data by interference from outside radio or radar sources.

Glassary - U - Pilkington

Glassary - U Ultraviolet transmittance: the proportion of incident UV radiation transmitted by the glass, expressed as a fraction. Unit: an abbreviation of insulating glass unit. U value: a measure of the rate of heat loss through the wall of a building material. Also described as thermal transmittance. U values depend on several different variable factors, such as wind speed and temperature ...

Pilkington Activ SunShade™

Pilkington Activ SunShade™ combines dual action, self-cleaning properties with medium solar control performance and an aesthetically pleasing appearance to reduce the amount of direct sunlight that penetrates into a building.