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An Architect Who Revolutionised Glass in Architecture

An Architect Who Revolutionised Glass in Architecture. 11 Apr 2014 Norman Foster epitomises contemporary architecture. His aesthetically ground-breaking concepts have transformed structures and cities – revolutionising architecture for today’s modern world. Foster’s innovative vision has seen him construct visual landmarks around the world. Moving forward with the times, he has expertly ...

Pilkington Spec-it!

For specifications on the move, Spec-it! can also be found in the Spectrum app for iOS and Android devices. Easy search for other criteria As well as key parameters such as light transmittance, U value and g value, Spec-it! also allows you to search on acoustics, safety, security and glass thickness.

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If there are any other words and terms related to Part L 2020 that you think should be added to the glossary, please let us know via our online contact form, selecting 'Architect' or 'Trade' as the Enquiry Type and 'Part L 2020' as the Nature of Your Enquiry.

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The government has indicated its preference for option 2. Proposed changes to the minimum elemental standards for fabric performance – sometimes referred to as 'backstop' values - include reducing (improving) the window U value from 2.0 to 1.6 W/m 2 K. However, the expectation is that the U value will have to be much lower than this to enable new dwellings to achieve the whole building ...

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Mechanical Functions of Glass Glass can be used for its mechanical strength in a number of situations. In architecture it can be designed to withstand the varied loads that the world's weather systems can throw at it.

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Pilkington Spacia™. Pilkington Spacia™. Advances in technology have made windows a significant contributor to the energy efficiency of new homes. Further advances mean that the benefits of energy efficient glazing can be extended to help preserve the character of our nation’s older buildings.

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Glass giant ramps up antiviral coating research in the fight against Covid-19. The NSG Group, parent company to Pilkington United Kingdom Limited, is fast tracking its research into producing glass with an antiviral coating, as it looks to help specifiers find new ways of reducing the transmission of viruses within buildings and transport.

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For basic domestic aquaria constructions please refer to our "ready reckoner" to help you determine the correct glass thickness - Click here to view the ready reckoner. Where the application is more complex or laminated or toughened glass is required please contact us with the following information: