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Architects in Focus: 2014 - Pilkington

Libeskind’s inspirational, bold designs have been awarded with numerous awards that span his varied career, including recognition as the first architect to win the Hiroshima Art Prize (2001). Famed for being announced as the overall master architect behind the redevelopment of the World Trade Centre, set for completion in 2016, Libeskind shows no sign of slowing down in the near future.

How Pilkington Planar is inspiring architects imagination

The architect’s vision of a soaring, apparently unsupported wall of glass of this size presented a significant technical challenge, especially as the system must stand up to high mechanical loads to safeguard the security of the building. To deliver the required strength, each of the glazed units are made up of three layers of toughened glass, attached with special high-load capacity ...

An Architect Who Revolutionised Glass in Architecture

An Architect Who Revolutionised Glass in Architecture. 11 Apr 2014 Norman Foster epitomises contemporary architecture. His aesthetically ground-breaking concepts have transformed structures and cities – revolutionising architecture for today’s modern world. Foster’s innovative vision has seen him construct visual landmarks around the world. Moving forward with the times, he has expertly ...

David Chipperfield Brings Modernism to the Heartlands

British Architect David Chipperfield has often enjoyed recognition on foreign soil for his modernist approach to building design. Works such as the Museum of Modern Literature in Marbach, Germany or Veles E Vents in Valencia, Spain, illustrate his passion for functional buildings that provide practical space for people to live and work in.

UK Sites - Pilkington

UK Sites We operate from a number of sites across the UK within Architectural, Automotive and Speciality Strategic Business Units. If you would like to contact Architectural the best way is via our Contact Form.. European Technical Centre - Pilkington Group Limited

Future Architecture for Combating Environmental Changes

Another concept designed by Malaysian architect Sarly Adre bin Sarkum, that plans to accommodate the rise in sea levels, is the innovatively designed ‘h2O+ Scraper’. The tower, which if built would ‘float’ almost as tall as the Empire State Building, is a self sustaining, liveable floating unit that sits only two stories above the water. The tower itself, kept upright by a system of ...

Glass, America and the work of Frank Lloyd Wright

The Jacobs 1 house in Madison, Wisconsin is regarded to be the first example of the architect’s work. Built in 1937 Jacobs 1 was constructed by Wright after one of his acquaintances challenged him to design a family home within a $5000 budget (the equivalent of $86000 today). Wright duly obliged, creating a functional L shaped property that featured external and internal ceiling to floor ...

Pilkington Spec-it!

For specifications on the move, Spec-it! can also be found in the Spectrum app for iOS and Android devices. Easy search for other criteria As well as key parameters such as light transmittance, U value and g value, Spec-it! also allows you to search on acoustics, safety, security and glass thickness.

Specification Checklist - Pilkington

For basic domestic aquaria constructions please refer to our "ready reckoner" to help you determine the correct glass thickness - Click here to view the ready reckoner. Where the application is more complex or laminated or toughened glass is required please contact us with the following information: