How Fire-resistant Glass Can Help Architects Break Down Walls

The architect wanted to fill every floor with natural light, from both the front and the back, by using floor-to-ceiling glazing throughout. However, the rear of the property was just three metres away from a neighbouring building, so fire protection was needed to reduce the risk of fire spreading between the two.

How Pilkington Planar is inspiring architects imagination

The architect’s vision of a soaring, apparently unsupported wall of glass of this size presented a significant technical challenge, especially as the system must stand up to high mechanical loads to safeguard the security of the building. To deliver the required strength, each of the glazed units are made up of three layers of toughened glass, attached with special high-load capacity ...

Architectural glass production powered by hydrogen in ...

Pilkington United Kingdom Limited, part of the NSG group, has successfully manufactured architectural glass at its St Helens facility using hydrogen power in a world-first trial.

Pilkington Spec-it!

For specifications on the move, Spec-it! can also be found in the Spectrum app for iOS and Android devices. Easy search for other criteria As well as key parameters such as light transmittance, U value and g value, Spec-it! also allows you to search on acoustics, safety, security and glass thickness.

Glassary - B - Pilkington

Glassary - I - Pilkington

Glassary - I I.G.U.: Insulating Glass unit. Impact performance: the impact resistance of a safety glass when tested according to BS 6206. See also Technical Bulletin Glass and Safety. Impact resistance: the classification according to BS 6206. See also Technical Bulletin Glass and Safety.

European/British Standards and Codes of Practice - Pilkington

European/British Standards and Codes of Practice There are many British and European Standards which apply directly or indirectly to glass for use in building.

Glassary - P - Pilkington

Glassary - P P1A: BS EN 356 classification for manual attack. P2A: BS EN 356 classification for manual attack. P3A: BS EN 356 classification for manual attack. P4A ...

Glassary - R - Pilkington

Glassary - R Radiation: depending on the context it could mean: one of the methods of heat transfer across the cavity of an insulating glass unit, or electromagnetic radiation. one of the forms in which heat from a fire gets through non-insulating glass.

Glassary - M - Pilkington

Glassary - M M60: obsolete tinted interlayer. Magnetron sputtering: a technical term to describe the process used in off-line coating. This involves passing the glass into a vacuum chamber. Argon gas is then introduced and electrical currents are then passed into a series of special coating beams in the roof of the chamber.

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