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Ask Pilkington

Do you use recycled glass in your manufacturing processes?

Yes. Although current levels within the flat glass industry are low, we are seeking to increase the levels of pre-consumer recycled content in our manufacturing processes. We do make active use of recycled glass, referred to as cullet, in our processes to improve our environmental performance. Internal and pre consumer cullet consists of broken glass generated from edge trimmings and off specification product. While internal and pre consumer cullet is generated from the manufacturing process, it is reintroduced into the float furnace and makes up approximately 20% of the batch materials used to manufacture flat glass (dependent upon product). The use of cullet is essential to the manufacturing of quality flat glass and has the benefit of improving the melt of other batch material, reduces the amount of virgin material that must be extracted and generates a net energy savings. Since combustion processes are heavily involved in the manufacture of flat glass this energy saving reduces emissions into the atmosphere.

In addition to cullet, batch material also includes silica sand (one of the world's most abundant naturally occurring minerals) and other abundantly available minerals such as limestone.

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