Pilkington Glass for animals and nature

Pilkington Glass for animals and nature

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11 May 2023

From 15 to 17 May, Pilkington Italia will exhibit at Zoomark 2023, the international trade fair dedicated to products for pets, in Bologna, Italy. The company will present its products at stand no I20 in Pavilion 29.

Zoomark 2023

At NSG Group, we love nature and that's why we decided to present our glass solutions for zoos, aquariums, and terrariums at the show. We have a range of products to meet the requirements of these types of applications.

The anti-corrosion glass

Aquarium glass is often subject to corrosion or limescale deposits, especially at the water level. The natural evaporation and cyclical changes of the water can cause degradation of the glass. As a result, the glass will lose its transparency. The solution to this problem is Pilkington Endurance™, a new product with a special coating specific for critical environments which forms a protective barrier capable of limiting corrosive processes and the deposit of limestone on the surface, compared to traditional glass.

Extra-clear glass and anti-reflective glass

Pilkington Optiwhite™ is the ultimate extra-clear glass that combines high light transmission and excellent colour vividness. These features make it suitable for use in aquascaping, or aquariums where you want a high colour rendering index.

The perfect glass? For optimal vision, free from reflections and with vivid and unaltered colours, the choice is Pilkington OptiView™ Ultra or Pilkington OptiView™ OW, a range of extra-clear anti-reflective glass ideal for creating display cases, aquariums, or walls as they allow you to observe animals, fish or reptiles, without diminishing brightness or alter the shades of the colours. The anti-reflective coating on an extra-clear substrate can break up the reflection at different wavelengths. In this way, the transparency of the glass pane is even higher than that of extra-clear glass, and the view is clearer and free from reflections.

Glass for the protection of birds

Pilkington AviSafe™ is a glass with a unique patterned UV-enhanced coating, which disrupts the reflection on the glass surface so that the bird can perceive a barrier. From the inside however, it is barely visible to the human eye. Pilkington AviSafe™ coating makes the glass more visible to birds and is suitable for parks, bird sanctuaries, and wildlife centres. 

Visit Pilkington Italia stand I20 in Pavilion 29 at Zoomark!


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