Pilkington Eclipse™ Gold and Sunset Gold

Pilkington Eclipse™ Gold and Sunset Gold


Pilkington Eclipse™ Gold and Pilkington Eclipse™ Sunset Gold are medium solar control performance on-line coated glasses in rich gold colors.  They provide a glamorous appearance unlike any other product of its kind.

Pilkington Eclipse™ Gold and Pilkington Eclipse™ Sunset Gold allows high natural daylight transmittance which enhances visual performance and lowers artificial lighting requirements. 

Both products can be combined with low-emissivity glass to provide additional thermal insulation and improve passive solar heat gain.

Bring out the elegance of gold.

Pilkington Eclipse™ Gold and Pilkington Eclipse™ Sunset Gold are ideal in applications demanding high reflective glass in a rich glamorous color. Common applications include low, mid and hi-rise buildings, financial institutions, offices and retail skylights, both in interior and exterior applications.


Pilkington Eclipse™ Gold and Sunset Gold offer following benefits:

  • medium solar control performance with high daylight transmittance,
  • medium reflectivity providing privacy whilst still allowing a clear view to the outside,
  • rich gold colour providing a stunning look to the building,
  • highly durable coated product easy to handle and proces,
  • can be laminated, toughened, bent and enamelled using standard techniques,
  • additional thermal insulation performance when combined in an Insulating Glass Unit with a low-emissivity glass,
  • ceramic frit or silk screen can be applied to the coated surface,
  • available in a wide range of sizes and thicknesses.


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