Fire resistance FAQs

Fire Resistance FAQs

1 What information does NSG Group need to help me?

We need to know further details concerning the door/framing system which is to be used. We also need to know the dimensions, orientation (vertical/horizontal) and application (internal/external). You should also be able to define the period of protection expressed in minutes of integrity or minutes of integrity and insulation (according to EN 13501 for example). For further guidance you may use our enquiry form.

2 Where can I get more information?

We publish fire test summaries that show sizes and glazing systems that can be adopted.

We provide further information on the Global website.

Market specific information can be found in the fire protection glass section of the region.

For Germany please refer to the Brandschutz Glashandbuch.
For France please refer to
For the UK please use
Pilkington Specifier tool.


3 What glass test standards should I look for?

With Pilkington Fire-resistant Glass, the transparent protection against fire, smoke and radiant heat can be achieved in more than 1000 different system solutions and in more than 1500 individual functional glass combinations in an almost infinite variety of designs. Please always refer to the relevant local building regulations/codes which define the requirements for fire-resistance.

4 What is integrity?

The ability of the element of construction, that has a separating function, to withstand fire exposure on one side only, without the transmission of fire to the unexposed side as a result of the passage of flames or hot gases. This is measured for a time period and is expressed as 30 minute lots, i.e. 30 minutes, 60 minutes etc.

5 What is insulation?

The ability of the element of construction to withstand fire exposure on one side only, without the transmission of fire as a result of significant transfer of heat from the exposed side to the unexposed side. Transmission shall be limited so that neither the unexposed surface nor any material in close proximity to that surface is ignited. The element shall also provide a barrier to heat, sufficient to protect people near to it. This is expressed in 15 minutes lots i.e. 15, 45, 30, 60 etc.

6 What is radiation?

The ability of the element of construction to withstand fire exposure on one side only, so as to reduce the probability of the transmission of fire as a result of significant radiated heat either through the element or from its unexposed surface to adjacent materials.

Pilkington Pyrodur® is the product line with a range of products that do provide some protection from radiation because they comprise intumescent interlayers which become opaque in a fire. The period depends on the grade of product. Radiation is measured for fire tests performed in accordance to the European Standards.

7 What happens if sprinklers come on or firemen spray the glass with water?

There is no test process for this scenario but Pilkington fire-resistant glass products are not vulnerable to sudden temperature changes.

8 How do I choose a framing system?

The framing system supporting the glass is critical to the performance as is the quality of installation. The frame construction effects the period over which the glass performs. There are options in timber, steel and aluminium for doors, screens and façades. Please refer to our product literature.

9 Can anyone fit the glass?

We strongly recommend only to use experienced and qualified installers. The smallest detail can affect the performance of the fire-resistant glazing and all recommendations/instructions must be followed.

10 Does size matter?

The size and proportions of fire-resistant glass do make a difference to the period the glass can hold back a fire. Look for test data appropriate for the size of glass you wish to use. The size of glass must be within the scope defined in the fire test evidence.

11 Can glass be used horizontally?

Pilkington’s Fire-resistant glass has been successfully tested for roof and floor applications. Please contact your local sales team for further details.

12 Where can I source Pilkington’s range of Fire-resistant glass?

Please refer to the contact details given in the global network.


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