Pilkington Insulight™ with ScreenLine®

Pilkington Insulight™ with ScreenLine®

Pilkington Insulight™ with ScreenLine®

Pilkington Insulight™ with ScreenLine® is a system, where the blind (venetian, pleated or roller) is encapsulated within two glass panes, i.e. in a double glazing unit. The exclusive characteristics ensure total protection against dirt, dust or weather conditions, and therefore blinds do not require any maintenance.

Pilkington Insulight™ with ScreenLine® integral blinds system combines high thermal insulation with benefits provided by blinds i.e. shade light and reduce heat from direct sunlight. In summer, solar heat gain can be controlled by tilting the slats to achieve total or partial screening. In winter, raising the slats or keeping them open maximises solar gain, while the inclusion of either Pilkington K Glass™ or Pilkington Optitherm™ in the unit provides improved thermal insulation. In addition a range of solar control coated options can be incorporated to optimise performance.

The movement of the blind, for manual or motorised systems, does not compromise the insulating properties of the double glazing unit and is performed in a totally sealed environment.

The versatile nature of Pilkington Insulight™ with ScreenLine® makes it ideal for many applications. Superior protection against solar radiation, light control and privacy makes them ideal for external façades, windows and indoor glazing. Their slim fit and ease to maintain make them the ideal choice for glazed internal partitions. The blind slats stay clean, making them suitable for places where hygiene is of prime importance. With no casing, Pilkington Insulight™ with ScreenLine® blinds not only blends in well with contemporary design, but also offers a significant saving of space in comparison with standard blinds. By tilting and raising the slats, you can manage sun shading, solar heat gain and light control within a single product. The wide product choice and versatility of operation make Pilkington Insulight™ with ScreenLine® blind systems suitable for all types of framing systems.

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Pilkington Insulight™ with ScreenLine® offers following benefits:
  • excellent light and solar control characteristics,
  • space saving,
  • the integral blinds are fully adjustable, and can be tilted or raised on certain models to achieve varying levels of privacy and the level of light and heat entering the building,
  • unbeatable protection against glare and build-up of heat,
  • clean for life,
  • totally hygienic – no dirt,dust or bacteria build up,
  • incorporated within the glass unit cavity without compromising the integrity of the hermetic seal,
  • as the blinds are sealed within the unit itself, they remain well protected from day-to-day damage. This not only means they retain their appearance but can also reduce maintenance costs,
  • comprehensive tests carried out in order to determine the durability of the product showed that Pilkington Insulight™ with ScreenLine® blinds can withstand regular use over several decades,
  • the rotational frontal magnet control does not compromise the unit seal and guarantees perfect integrity of the double glazed unit,
  • variable operating methods,
  • a 5-year guarantee on all modelssuitable for installation both internally and externally,
  • can be manually operated via wand, cord or rotational knob control, as well as motorised which can be controlled via programmable infra-red or radio frequency remote units,
  • can be used within a full range of glazing options including solar control, thermal insulation including triple glazed, noise reduction and fire resistance,
  • available in a wide range of colours,
  • represent the finest quality and reliability.


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Pilkington Insulight™ with ScreenLine® blinds are ideal for a range of environments including:

  • offices,
  • hospitals/nursing homes,
  • schools,
  • banks,
  • police stations,
  • laboratories,
  • high traffic public areas,
  • houses and residences.

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