From now on, glass shower screens will always stay clean ... - Pilkington

Pilkington OptiShower ™ is a glass developed to enhance the aesthetics of shower cubicles improving their appearance and making easy work of cleaning. One of the biggest drawbacks of a standard shower cubicle or enclosure is its need for constant maintenance.

Specifying for protection: Safety and Security Glass - Pilkington

Creating a safe and secure home should be at the heart of any residential building project. This is especially true for developers in specialist projects providing housing for vulnerable people. Here we explain how architects and developers can use the latest in glazing technology to create secure homes.

Keep noise out of your house - Pilkington

Whether it’s to get a good night’s sleep, some peace and quiet or to avoid health issues, acoustic laminated glass is the solution for sound insulation in the home. For more information about noise control and sound insulating glass clik HERE. Pilkington Noise Control Windows Architect Householder

A complete guide to self-cleaning glass - Pilkington

Those considered ‘superior’ are dual action, i.e. where the cleaning process works in two stages. Stage one uses a ‘dirt eating’ photocatalytic reaction. This breaks down organic deposits such as mud and dirt into smaller particles that can be more easily removed. The second stage involves the hydrophilic or ‘water-loving’ coating.

Pilkington Spectrum now available for on-the-go use via new smartphone app

The calculator was previously only available through the Pilkington website, but has now been optimised for use on mobile devices to make the process of specifying glass quicker and easier. Users of the app can search parameters including U-value, g-value, light transmittance and sound insulation to help find products that meet their needs.

Transforming digital displays with Pilkington MirroView™

In today’s tech-enabled world, creating decorative, practical and multi-functional spaces is a must. Pilkington MirroView™ digital display mirror is designed to transform interiors according to their use.

From sand to glass - an interactive educational exhibition in ...

"From sand to glass. History, technology and application." exhibition has opened at the District Museum in Sandomierz. The project has been developed in cooperation with the NSG Group in Poland.

When tough is not enough: Solving the mystery - Pilkington

Toughened glass is often specified in modern building design for its safety, strength and resistance to thermal breakage. Despite this, architects and specifiers can often be left bemused when glass breakages occur, as it can seem to be for no apparent reason.

Pilkington Activ™ cleans up in Europe

“Not only will this standard provide peace of mind for homeowners, who can insist on installers supplying self-cleaning glass that passes this latest test, it will also enable specifiers to differentiate between products with an official self-cleaning performance and those without.

Switch channels to Pilkington TV

There is one channel worth switching to, though, and that's Pilkington TV. Available via You Tube, Pilkington TV provides a substantial video resource, from footage of the float and rolled glass manufacturing processes to the latest product developments for specifiers. As well as clips from television programmes where Pilkington or its products has featured, visual explanations are given of ...

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