Commercial refrigeration

Commercial refrigeration

NSG TEC™ is an electrically conductive and low-emissivity coated glass. It can be used for the glass walls of refrigerated cabinets in the refrigeration industry to promote thermal insulation of the environment to be cooled and to prevent the formation of condensation on the glass, thanks to the possibility of electrically heating it.

NSG TEC™ can be installed in single or double glazing, flat or bent.

Passive cooling

NSG TEC™ has the best thermal insulation in its category. It can be bent, screen-printed, it has low light reflection and perfect neutrality, exceptional colour rendering and remarkable abrasion resistance.

Installed in double glazing, NSG TEC™ offers excellent thermal transmission values that limit heat dispersion and allow energy savings; it also controls condensation on the glazing.

The glass types mainly used for this application are: NSG TEC™ 6, NSG TEC™ 10, NSG TEC™ 15.

Active refrigeration

With high humidity values and large temperature differences between the external environment and the refrigerated environment (refrigerated cabinet with temperatures below 0°C), it is possible to resort to heated elements, which provide energy to the glazing in order to avoid the formation of condensation.

In these cases, electrical contacts will be applied to the glass, which will use the conductivity of the layer to heat the glass plate. Depending on the power supply voltage envisaged by the application, the parameters (temperature, humidity, etc.) of the internal and external environments, the dimensions of the heated glazing, it is possible to choose from the wide range of NSG TEC™, the most suitable glass product that has resistivity appropriate to the application. In general, a power of about 70 to 80 W/m, distributed evenly over the glass plate, is sufficient to prevent the formation of condensation on the outer surface of the glazing and to provide a view of the contents located inside the refrigerated glass cabinet.

The glass types mainly used for active refrigeration range from NSG TEC™ 15 to NSG TEC™ 70 and NSG TEC™ 250.

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