Pilkington Reflite™

Pilkington Reflite™


Pilkington Reflite™ is a range of medium solar control performance on-line coated clear or body-tinted glass, with low light transmittance and medium light reflectance.

Suitable for single glazing or incorporated in Insulating Glass Units, the products can be used in a wide range of residential and commercial applications. To achieve thermal insulation, Pilkington Reflite™ should be combined with low-emissivity glass in Insulating Glass Units.


Pilkington Reflite™ oferrs following benefits:

  • medium solar control performance with medium light reflectance,
  • durable on-line coated product easy to handle and proces,
  • can be laminated, toughened and bent using standard techniques,
  • can be used in monolithic form or incorporated in Insulating Glass Units,
  • attractive colours (Arctic Blue, Emerald Green) and thicknesses providing a solution for a wide variety of design requirements.