Zoo and Aquariums

Zoo and Aquariums

Today animal welfare is a particularly important issue at zoos. Animals should be kept in environments which come as close as possible to their natural habitats. Our glass products can help ensure that animals are kept in appropriate living conditions while also offering visitors the unique experience of coming face to face with wild animals.

Pilkington Optiwhite™ is the ultimate extra-clear glass that combines high light transmission and excellent colour vividness. These features make it suitable for use in aquascaping, or aquariums where you want a high colour rendering index.

Permanently unobscured views, even in humid conditions, turn zoo visits into unforgettable experiences! Pilkington OptiView™ anti-reflective glass makes this possible. To meet all the requirements for zoo applications it is also available in increased thicknesses and can be processed into laminated safety glass without losing any transparency.

Pilkington Endurance™ has been specially designed for use in very humid environments. Its durable anti-corrosion coating is permanently bonded to the glass surface, preventing it from becoming matt, dull or milky. Pilkington Endurance™ coating makes the glass much easier to clean and ensures that it stays permanently clear and resistant. Long-term tests under extreme temperature and high humidity conditions have confirmed these properties, also in comparison to conventional glass. Pilkington Endurance™ is the ideal choice for applications in tropical hothouses or aquariums.


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