Social Greenhouse

Social Greenhouse

Project Reference
31 Oct 2022

Social Greenhouse is the result of cooperation between Pilkington Polska and the Cultural Center in Sandomierz.

Social Greenhouse in Sandomierz

At Koćmierzów Manor House in Sandomierz, a Social Greenhouse was established, a common space for relaxation and activity. For its construction, special glass from the Pilkington Botanical™ range was used. This new product range has been developed for the growing market of greenhouse technologies and provides perfect solutions for conservatories and greenhouses.

The Koćmierzów Manor House

The beginning of the cultural activity of the Koćmierzów Manor House dates back to 2005. The Cultural Center in Sandomierz regularly diversifies the facility's offer, offering interesting and varied forms of spending time actively and participating in culture. Their goal is to shape and develop interests, as well as the intergenerational integration of the local community. It is no different in the case of their latest project – the aforementioned Social Greenhouse.

Social Greenhouse – joint activities

The Social Greenhouse was created with the local community in mind. The idea behind the project is to create a common space for relaxation. This is the first place in the city where everyone will be able to come and sow various vegetables, herbs and flowers by themselves, and then observe the effects of joint work and the development of plants. The Greenhouse at the Koćmierzów Manor House is also an innovative space where educational meetings about ecology and healthy nutrition, as well as botanical workshops will be organized.

Social Greenhouse in SandomierzTo ensure the longevity of the greenhouse and enable it to function independently of the season, selected glass types from the Pilkington Botanical™ range were used in its construction. The range includes a wide range of glass products aimed at increasing light transmission, accelerating the growth of crops, and also protecting them. The following types of glass were used in the Social Greenhouse:

Pilkington HortiClean™

Self-cleaning glass is the ideal sustainable solution for glass roof structures, conservatories and greenhouses where lower light transmittance may be acceptable in return for easier and safer maintenance and water saving. The durable coating of this product has photocatalytic and hydrophilic properties that remain unchanged throughout the lifetime of the glass. It reduces the need for manual window cleaning, saves water, eliminates the use of potentially harmful detergents, and increases the safety of people who could be endangered during maintenance at height.

Pilkington Optiwhite™

It is an extra clear, low-iron float glass that allows increased light transmittance in the photosynthetically active range (PAR), available in thicknesses from 2 mm to 19 mm. A precisely controlled production process ensures high quality and uniform product properties. All this makes this glass an ideal solution for the greenhouse market.

Pilkington HortiGrow™ 98

A product for applications where it is important to maximize light transmission. By using an anti-reflective coating on both sides of the extra clear low-iron glass, the light transmittance can be increased up to 98%. This product offers exceptional durability over the lifetime of the glass.

The diverse nature of plants and crops means that each project requires a tailor-made solution. 


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