Glass Walk in Sandomierz is now available

Glass Walk in Sandomierz is now available

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22 Aug 2021

On Thursday, 19 August 2021, the first ‘Glass Walk’ in Sandomierz took place. The creators of the exhibition, together with representatives of local media, went on a trip in the footsteps of history of the city. The glass boards were installed on 13 August and from that day the ‘Glass Walk’ is available for visitors.

Glass Walk

Historical view of Sandomierz

The ‘Glass Walk’ is a joint initiative of the NSG Group, the District Museum and the City Hall in Sandomierz. The exhibition consists of six glass boards showing the old face of selected places in Sandomierz. Thanks to their transparency, it is possible to compare the current state of selected monuments with their historical appearance.

Residents and tourists are able to see, among others, the view of the former Dominican monastery with St. Mary Magdalene Church (that no longer exists).

This glass board was made based on an aquarelle painted by Stanisław Teodor Chrząński, a self-taught painter living in the second half of the 19th century, known for painting of coats of arms and views of the Kielce region.

On one of the glass boards the visitors can also see the appearance of Podwale Górne Street recreated on a glass based on a photo taken by Janusz Kwiatkowski.

Cooperation of private and public sectors 

“The ‘Glass Walk’ is not the first and not the last joint initiative of our company and the city of Sandomierz” – says Natalia Kubowicz, Corporate Communications Manager at NSG Group in Poland. 

“From the very beginning, we attach great importance to the cooperation with local governments and non-governmental organizations. We want to be a good neighbour and contribute to the development of places, where we operate.”

The ‘Glass Walk’ is the result of close cooperation between the NSG Group and the city of Sandomierz. For many years, the company has been supporting the local cultural life by financing and materially supporting cultural and educational centres, as well as helping to organize exhibitions and festivals. One of the most famous and successful collaborations was the exhibition called ‘From sand to glass’ (co-organized with the District Museum in Sandomierz).

“We are pleased to finalize another joint project of the NSG Group and the city of Sandomierz in cooperation with the District Museum. It will be a great tourist attraction, and its unique and innovative nature will allow for an extraordinary travel into the past. On the official website of our city, in the tourist section entitled ‘Intimate Pleasures’, we prepared a virtual walk following the trail of glass boards located in the city. The route is also available on mobile devices via the Traseo app” – says Katarzyna Knap-Sawicka from the City Hall in Sandomierz.

Modern glass

In order to provide visitors with a crystal-clear view and safety, a special antimicrobial glass Pilkington SaniTise™ in laminated version was used.

“Sanitary safety is important every day and the COVID-19 pandemic has reminded us of its role. The selection of the right type of glass is of paramount importance and it can help us to make the world healthier, cleaner and safer. Pilkington SaniTise™ is a glass coated with a photocatalytic TiO2 based coating, which (when exposed to UV radiation) provides antimicrobial properties and protects against enveloped viruses. We hope that our glass will improve sanitary conditions in many places and reduce the risk of infection” – says Mariusz Kołodziej, Sales Director of architectural glass in NSG Group (East Region).

Visit the Project page to see more photos and details.


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