Blindex sponsors a project that offers hot baths to homeless people

Blindex sponsors a project that offers hot baths to homeless people

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14 Aug 2023

Blindex®, a reference in the Brazilian glass industry for over 70 years, is the newest sponsor of the social project “Banho Solidário Sampa”, which offers hot baths, clean clothes, shoes, beard and haircuts, manicures and pedicures, books, toys, hygiene kits, listening and food for homeless people in São Paulo.

Blindex team

Founded in November 2019, the NGO Banho Solidário Sampa started its activities along with the covid pandemic, in March 2020. The project's campaigns are maintained with donations from people and sponsoring companies, such as Blindex®. “I usually say that we deliver dignity in a bath and care shape." And now, with the arrival of winter, “it is time for solidarity to move people to rummage through their closets in search for socks, caps, gloves, coats, pants, blouses, blankets, pet clothes, everything to warm those who have nothing.”, comments Paulo Cesar Fernandes, one of the founders and current president of the NGO.

Paulo Cesar Fernandes explains that the project is self-sustainable and ecologically correct with electrical and hydraulic infrastructure. After bathing, the water that was used is discarded and treated in Sabesp's sewage system and the cabins are sanitized after each use. On average, two to three actions are carried out per month, on Sundays, in public squares, assisting around 200 people per action. And on Thursday nights snacks are delivered in the Barra Funda region (underneath the Antártica Viaduct).

“As a Top-of-Mind brand in shower stalls, offering safe, cozy, and comfortable baths is part of Blindex's daily routine. That's when the desire to work on a social responsibility project that would allow access to a decent bath for people in extremely vulnerable situations appeared. When I got to know the NGO Banho Solidário Sampa, the identification of purposes was immediate. I was thrilled with the possibility of helping with the reception, offering dignity through a hot bath, something that we, the privileged, have and end up not even noticing the difference it can make in the lives of thousands of people who do not have this possibility”, observes Glória Cardoso, General Manager of Blindex® and Pilkington Brazil. “We are extremely happy to support this beautiful project that has even mobilized our internal employees, partners, and franchisees who also identified with the cause”, concludes Glória.

Data on homeless people

According to a survey carried out by the Brazilian Observatory of Public Policies with the Homeless Population (POLOS-UFMG), with data from CadÚnico, until February of this year, more than 52 thousand people are living on the streets of the city of São Paulo. However, it is believed that this number may be underreported by up to 35% because the CadÚnico update rate in SP is very low.

Homelessness mostly affects the black population in Brazil. For every 10 homeless people, 7 are black.

About Banho Solidário Sampa

Since it was created, the Banho Solidário Sampa has carried out around 85 actions in 25 different locations, totalling almost 3 thousand baths, 23 thousand plates of food, 22 thousand food kits, 27 thousand pieces of clothing and shoes, 3 thousand blankets, 4 thousand hygiene kits, and 3.6 thousand books. Among hair, beard, and manicure services, there were more than 3,000.

To learn more about the project and support, visit: 

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