Benefits of Pilkington manufactured IGUs

Benefits of Pilkington manufactured IGUs

Our company has been manufacturing and processing glass since 1826. This experience has been invaluable and has enabled us to invest in and develop our ideas into a range of market leading products. By combining our unrivalled technical expertise with true innovation, we have been able to develop a wide range of outstanding products. This includes high-quality float glass, fire protection, high-performance glass coatings, specialist glass and a range of comprehensive Insulating Glass Units (IGUs). Pilkington has become the recognised brand for quality IGUs, with Pilkington Insulight™ now utilised in a wide range of commercial applications including healthcare, education, retail and transport.

  • Extensive glass range to meet all environmental performance requirements
  • Double and triple glazing solutions
  • Continuous spacer for improved seal life
  • Warm edge spacer for improved insulation (Psi values) around the unit perimeter
  • Seal designed to withstand a wide range of temperatures
  • Edge seal stable to ultra-violet light
  • Optimised desiccant for moisture vapour absorption
  • Harmonising or contrasting spandrels for non-vision areas
  • Use in silicone structural glazing, eliminating external framing
  • Pilkington Insulight™ warranty
  • Produced in a fully automated factory, accredited to ISO14001 and 9001
  • Complies with British and international standards
  • Full technical advice and support service
  • Manufactured at Pilkington Plyglass in the UK

Whatever your glazing requirements, the Pilkington commercial sales team and technical advisors can work with you to provide the total environmental performance and create the ideal solution for your application.

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