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Solar Control Glass The increased use of glass in architecture today makes it imperative to consider the comfort of a building's occupants. Solar control glass can be an attractive feature of a building whilst at the same time minimising, or even eliminating the need for an air conditioning system, reducing running costs of the building and saving energy.

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Solar control Reducing heat from the sun. It is important to note that angled roof lights provide a benefit in energy efficiency since they gain more from the free heat provided by the sun than vertical windows.

Solar Control - Pilkington

Solar Control - Barriers to the Sun Intensive research over several decades has equipped the float process with ingenious ways of controlling solar energy for greater comfort and economy. Ingredients can readily be added to the melter to control the wavelength and percentage of radiation transmitted or absorbed by the finished product.

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Solar Control The last decade has seen significant improvements in the design and application of solar control glazings in vehicles. The major drivers are passenger comfort, minimising the degrading effects of the sun's radiation on interior trims and fabrics, and improving fuel consumption by lowering the load on the vehicle's air-conditioning unit.

Turning down the heat with solar control glazing

Further still, solar control glass incorporates near-invisible coatings on the glass which have the dual effect of allowing daylight in, while rejecting solar heat. A product that achieves this is the latest addition to the Pilkington Suncool™ range, Pilkington Suncool™ 71/39, which is an off-line coated high-performance solar control glass ...

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Solar Glass and Solar Technologies. Solar energy panels offer alternative solutions to a range of energy requirements, from small scale domestic applications to large scale solar power stations, from cloudy northern rooftops to hot sunny deserts. Solar glass is an integral and important element of these solar panels.

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Overview. Pilkington Arctic Blue™ is a high performance body-tinted float glass in a unique blue colour, that offers solar control performance without the use of surface coating. Its solar control properties and colour density vary with each thickness so that glass with properties appropriate to a particular application can be chosen.

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Solar Control. Reduces solar heat gain and offers high levels of natural light to provide comfortable and pleasant environments in which to live and work. Thermal Insulation. Improves the energy efficiency of domestic or commercial buildings whilst enabling the extensive use of glass and the benefit of passive solar gain.

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Pilkington Technology Management Limited announces today that its antiviral glass development project has been successful in receiving a 100 per cent award from Innovate UK, the UK’s innovation agency.