Roof Glazing - Pilkington

Learn about the different types of glass, safety and security features, and glass systems for roof glazing in commercial buildings. Find out the recommendations and regulations for using Pilkington Optilam™, Pilkington Pyroshield™ 2, and other products in roof glazing applications.

Canopy - Pilkington

Roof Glazing Shopfront Stairs Windows Glass Canopy A glass canopy provides an attractive and practical feature to a building. Usually placed outside entrance doors a canopy protects people entering the building, keeps the weather away from the doors and allows natural light through to the entrance area.

Glass Systems - Pilkington

Pilkington Profilit™ Our glass systems are developed for use in glass façades, walls or roofs, and also for internal glazing applications.

Replacement Conservatory Roofs - Pilkington

Conservatories Doors Façade Glass Floors Glass Furniture Internal Partition Kitchens Mirrors Rooflights Solar Panels Stairs Windows Replacement Conservatory Roofs Replacement Glazing Replacement Conservatory Roofs Let us help transform your conservatory and enhance your home Transform your conservatory and enhance your home

Pilkington Pyrostop®

Pilkington Pyrostop® is ideal for use in transparent fire walls, windows (special application), doors, screens, partitions and façades as well as for horizontal applications (roof and inclined glazing).

Façade - Pilkington

High performance double glazing and triple glazing units make it easy to maintain a stable, comfortable temperature in rooms with large surface glazing throughout the year. Low-emissivity glass prevents heat loss during the colder months and also allows the interior to be gently heated by passive solar gain, improving the energy balance of the ...

Pilkington Spacia™

Our revolutionary Pilkington Spacia™ vacuum glazing technology provides unrivalled thermal performance in an ultra-thin unit that fits seamlessly into traditional and conservation properties. With this innovative unit you can retain the aesthetics by using the original frames.

Pilkington Activ™ Blue

attractive blue or bronze body tinted glass, perfect for roof glazing, enhancing the view from inside to outside, good light transmission, low exterior reflection, improving aesthetics of the building, works even on cloudy days and during the night, highly durable pyrolytic on-line coating that lasts the lifetime of the glass,

Thermal Insulation - Pilkington

In the summer, however, it can become uncomfortably hot. To maximise energy efficiency all year round, the ideal glazing solution often combines solar control and thermal insulation. Thermal Insulation. Heat loss is normally measured by the thermal transmittance or U-value, usually expressed in W/m 2 K. In its most basic terms, the lower the U ...

A complete guide to self-cleaning glass - Pilkington

The most important is the minimum recommended angle for a roof containing self-cleaning glass. Anything less than 10º from horizontal and the rainwater may not run off and wash dirt away effectively. ... however, make the glass cleaner than ordinary glazing after a light hosing or rainfall. After self-cleaning glass has been installed in a ...

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