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Roof Glazing Creating a light well by using glass in the roof is a popular way of introducing light to central areas of a building. In addition to the normal considerations of thermal and solar control, sloping glazing is overhead glazing and we need to choose glass that is safe.

Rooflights - Pilkington

Replacement Glazing Roof conversions are proving increasingly popular with home owners given the benefits they offer in terms of both space and property value. One of the latest home design trends is using glass to allow as much natural lighting into your home as possible, and rooflights, which let in unobstructed light from the highest part of ...

Pilkington Spacia™

Benefits. Pilkington Spacia™ offers following benefits:. the world’s first commercially available vacuum glazing, this extremely thin glazing can be fitted in old style fine frames, maintaining the original appearance of older traditional buildings whilst providing good thermal insulation,

Pilkington Screen Printed Glass

Pilkington Screen Printed Glass combines aesthetic and functional requirements for use in in partitions, roof glazing and external walls. It can provide dramatic decorative effects or simpler designs for privacy or solar control.

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Roof Glazing; Shopfront; Stairs; Windows; Nippon Sheet Glass Co., Ltd. Head Office - 3-5-27 Mita Minato-ku Tokyo About this site; Legal Notice;

Technical Detail PDFs - Pilkington

Structural Glazing; Technical Detail PDFs A selection of our Typical Details have been made available for download. These show the specifics of the connections between glass, fittings and support structure. Should you have more specific requirements for your application please contact us.

Pilkington Spandrel Glass

Overview. Pilkington Spandrel Glass is a range of safety glass mostly used in non-vision area of the facade. Spandrel glass is normally an opaque panel located between areas of vision glass used to cover construction elements in non-vision areas, such as hung ceilings or the edges of floor slabs.

Curtain Wall - Pilkington

The curtain wall method of glazing allows glass to be used in large uninterrupted areas creating consistent attractive facades. The flexibility in choice of NSG Group products allows the designer to control every aspect of the performance from thermal to solar considerations and ultimately the design statement for the building.

Pilkington Pyrostop®

It is suitable for use with steel, aluminium and timber frames in monolithic form or insulating glass units. Pilkington Pyrostop® is ideal for use in transparent fire walls, windows (special application), doors, screens, partitions and façades as well as for horizontal applications (roof and inclined glazing).