Pilkington Optithermā„¢ Range

The Pilkington Optithermā„¢ Range are high performance, off-line coated low-e glass products specially developed for use in Insulating Glass Units (IGUs) to help with energy saving. They are optimised for thermal insulation having ultra low Ug values and are super neutral in colour.

Low-emissivity Glass - Pilkington

Low-e glass such as Pilkington K Glassā„¢ or Pilkington Optithermā„¢ has an invisible coating which dramatically reduces heat transfer and reflects interior heat back into your room. Unfortunately, many older double glazed units do not contain low-emissivity glass and are therefore not energy-efficient.

Pilkington Optithermā„¢ S1A

Pilkington Optithermā„¢ S1A offers following benefits: reduces heating costs and actively helps to increase well-being; better use of the living space by avoiding cold drafts from windows; energy efficient way to reduce heating bills and environmental impact through reduced CO 2 emissions;

Thermal Insulation - Pilkington

Pilkington Optithermā„¢ - the name for our range of ultra low-emissivity coated glass products with high thermal insulation performance in Insulating Glass Units optimised for U-value. Pilkington Optithermā„¢ S1A. Pilkington Optithermā„¢ S1A is an off-line coated, low-emissivity glass, offering superior thermal insulation performance with U g ...

Solar Control - Pilkington

How it works Glass manages solar heat radiation by three mechanisms: reflectance, transmittance and absorptance. These are defined as follows: Reflectance ā€“ the proportion of solar radiation reflected back into the atmosphere. Direct transmittance ā€“ the proportion of solar radiation transmitted directly through the glass.

Pilkington Anti-Condensation Glass

Pilkington Anti-Condensation Glass is suitable for a wide variety of commercial and domestic applications in combination with other energy-efficient glass products such as those from the Pilkington K Glassā„¢ and Pilkington Optithermā„¢ Ranges. Pilkington Anti-Condensation Glass is an on-line, low-e coated product manufactured in 4 mm thickness ...

Pilkington Optithermā„¢ S3

Pilkington Optithermā„¢ S3 offers following benefits: Ug -value of 1.1 W/m 2 K in 4-16-4 standard constructions with argon (90%); super neutral in terms of light transmittance (82%) and low light reflectance (11%); available in a range of different sizes and thicknesses (from 3 mm to 12 mm) for various applications;

Pilkington Optilamā„¢

Pilkington Optilamā„¢ safety glass offers following benefits: range of laminated glass which reduces the risk of injury by accidental human impact, remains in place, even when broken, Pilkington Optilamā„¢ 6,4 is the most widely used thickness for protecting people against risk of accidental injury giving Class 2(B)2 performance to EN 12600,

Pilkington Miraiā„¢

Pilkington Miraiā„¢ can be offered as a low carbon base substrate or in combination with our high performance low-e and solar control coating ranges such as Pilkington Optithermā„¢, Pilkington Suncoolā„¢ including laminated and acoustic variants and has been designed for both commercial and residential segments.

Our Range - Pilkington

to low-performance, body-tinted glass in the Pilkington Optifloatā„¢ Tint range and even to solar control glass combined with the revolutionary self-cleaning Pilkington Activā„¢ . In addition to the above ranges, our solar control products can be used with many other Pilkington glass solutions, to achieve countless benefits in terms of safety ...

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