Pilkington Microwhite™

Pilkington Microwhite™ is a high-grade float glass made to precise standards. Its excellent plane and low tolerances of thickness make it ideal for a wide range of uses, primarily microscope slides but also cosmetic mirrors, chromatographic plates, photomasks, automotive and technical glass, dependent on its thickness.

The art of mosaic returns with Pilkington Microwhite™

The art of mosaic returns with Pilkington. Microwhite™. Project Reference. 13 Jan 2020. A remarkable new design application, which uses Pilkington Microwhite™ to create stunning glass tile mosaics, has been developed for the architectural market.

Pilkington Optiwhite™

Pilkington Optiwhite™ is the ideal solution for glass doors, glass partitions, glass stairs, balustrades, and more. Interior glazing is increasingly popular in commercial and residential buildings in order to allow natural light to flow throughout the building or as a design feature.

Pilkington Spectrum

About. Pilkington Spectrum is a Windows-based glass performance model which enables you to quickly and efficiently calculate key properties of insulating glass units without the need to construct and measure them. You can use Pilkington Spectrum to provide the following information: Light and solar properties (transmittance, reflectance ...

Pilkington SaniTise™

Pilkington SaniTise™ is a transparent antimicrobial coated glass aimed at creating a healthier, cleaner, safer world. Naturally activated through UV exposure from daylight, the pyrolytic photocatalytic coating provides antimicrobial properties and activity against enveloped viruses on the glass surface.

Pilkington Mirropane™

Pilkington Mirropane™ is an on-line coated glass developed for use as a one-way mirror where clear vision is required and specific lighting conditions can be achieved. It offers an effective means of providing undetected surveillance and high quality one-way vision to achieve complete privacy.

Pilkington Microwhite™

Pilkington Microwhite™ is manufactured by the standard float glass process. Pilkington Microwhite™ is a low-iron composition which produces a very pure, clear glass and has the added benefit of increased light transmission. Features High-grade thin float glass with very low thickness tolerances Flat and uniform products

Pilkington Profilit™ Wave

Pilkington Microwhite ... Pilkington Profilit™ Wave, the first wave-shaped channel glass. In the facade as well as in the interior, the symmetric wave-shaped surface of Pilkington Profilit™ Wave gives rise to a fine structure. From a distance too, it gives buildings and building elements greater depth and structure.

Pilkington OptiView™ Ultra

Pilkington OptiView™ Ultra is a new anti-reflective glass available in monolithic or laminated version. The product reduces glare that reflects off computer screens, aircraft transparencies, televisions, flat panels and similar electronic displays.

Pilkington Optiwhite™

Optiwhite™. Pilkington Optiwhite™ offers a variety of benefits for touch screen and digital signage applications. Pilkington Optiwhite™ is an extra-clear, low-iron float glass; it is practically colourless, and the green cast inherent to other clear glasses is not present.

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