Pilkington Eclipse™ Gold and Sunset Gold

Pilkington Eclipse™ Gold and Pilkington Eclipse™ Sunset Gold are ideal in applications demanding high reflective glass in a rich glamorous color. Common applications include low, mid and hi-rise buildings, financial institutions, offices and retail skylights, both in interior and exterior applications.

Pilkington Eclipse Advantage™

Overview. Pilkington Eclipse Advantage™ is a range of high performance solar control on-line coated clear or body-tinted glass, with unique colours and low-emissivity properties.. Specifically designed for use in countries with a warm climate, well-suited to both commercial facades and residential applications, the products offer unique colour options for original and innovative architecture ...

The golden touch - Pilkington

The additional feature of the Pilkington Eclipse™ Gold is its durability during fabrication.” But light reflections have to be handled critically in an airport environment. “I needed to create a combination of diffuse and scattered reflectance to avoid the danger of flash blindness,” said Tom.

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Pilkington Eclipse™ Gold and Sunset Gold are a medium solar control performance on-line coated glass in a rich gold colour, providing a glamorous appearance unlike any other product of its kind. Pilkington Eclipse™ Silver. Pilkington Eclipse™ Silver is an on-line coated, highly reflective solar control glass offering good light ...

Pilkington DesignPrint

Overview. Versatile design and colour options. Immerse yourself in the diverse colour and design world with our Pilkington DesignPrint glass! Thanks to the most advanced digital printing technology, we can meet almost all requirements when printing on glass: whether it is a small size printed glass or a glass facade.

About NSG Group - Pilkington

Pilkington Eclipse™ Gold and Sunset Gold; ... Founded in 1918, NSG Group acquired the leading UK-based glass manufacturer Pilkington plc in June 2006. Today, the Company has combined sales of just over JPY 627 billion, with manufacturing operations in 28 countries and sales in 105 countries, employing some 27,000 people worldwide. ...

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Pilkington EverGreen™ and Pilkington Emerald Green™ Pilkington SuperGrey™ and Pilkington Dark Grey™ Pilkington Solar-E™ Pilkington Eclipse Advantage™ Pilkington Eclipse™ Gold and Sunset Gold; Pilkington Eclipse™ Silver; Pilkington SunShade™ Silver; Pilkington Reflite™ Pilkington Suncool™ Range. Pilkington Suncool ...

Pilkington Energy Advantage™

Overview. Pilkington Energy Advantage™ is a pyrolitically on-line coated low-emissivity glass. It offers substantial improvement on thermal insulation when compared to clear float glass. It is also characterised by high solar heat gain, which means that as well as retaining heating warmth in a room, it allows high level of solar energy to enter, for warmer and brighter interiors in sunny ...

Pilkington Planar™

Pilkington Planar Activ™. With suitable silicone-free sealants now available, Pilkington Planar™, the world’s leading structural glazing system, can incorporate Pilkington Activ™ self-cleaning glass.. As well as allowing the design freedom that comes with frameless glazing,the dual action cleaning process will not only make sure your creation stays looking its best, but also reduce ...

Pilkington Plateau™

Overview. Pilkington Plateau™ is high quality based float glass made to extremely tight tolerances, giving the glass a special flatness demanded by the acrylic casting industry as well as other uses. It is offered in a range of different finishes, clear, satin and textured, to provide a variety of cast acrylic sheet surface finishes.