Pilkington Design Glass

Pilkington Design Glass is a toughened enamelled glass, with an anti-scratch surface, available in a wide range of colours. It is heat, impact and UV resistant glass. Its anti-scratch surface is suitable for use in the kitchen area.

Decoration - Pilkington

Decoration Glass. Our decorative glass is very versatile; it allows total freedom in design and can be customised to fulfil any requirements. Various technologies can be used to create the finished products, whether it is patterned or coloured glass.

Product Finder - Pilkington

An exciting range of stunning, high-end decorative etched glass designs offering excellent light transmission in combination with various levels of privacy. Pilkington Painted Glass. A stylish colour backed glass with a sleek, modern lustre resulting in a highly durable product with limitless design opportunities around the home. Pilkington ...

Glass Furniture - Pilkington

If furniture designers prefer stronger colours and patterns, they may consider using Pilkington Optilam™ I Colour, a laminated glass with a tinted interlayer, Pilkington Enamelled Glass or Pilkington Design Glass.

Pilkington Texture Glass

Pilkington Texture Glass is translucent, transmitting diffused light whilst maintaining privacy. It offers a wide selection of alternatives, meeting both functional and aesthetic requirements and may be used for privacy in commercial, industrial and residential buildings.

Kitchens - Pilkington

The use of glass as kitchen splashbacks is a great alternative to traditional tiles. Glass on the wall in the kitchen is decorative and fashionable, as well as practical. It's easy to keep it clean. Kitchen arrangements with glass on the wall are modern, light and attractive.

Glass Systems - Pilkington

Glass systems offer many interesting and varied architectural solutions. Pilkington Profilit™ allows designers and specifiers to transform courtyards into cosy interiors, enclose private and public outdoor areas under glass roofs and build stunning glass façades.

Pilkington DesignPrint

Pilkington DesignPrint is a digitally printed glass produced with highest precision and state-of-the-art technology. The image is printed on the glass using ceramic ink, which is then fired into the glass during the toughening process.

Glass Technology - Pilkington

Pilkington glass innovations include: Energy-saving products such as Pilkington K Glass ™; Advanced bending processes for making car windscreens in complex shapes to fine tolerances; Pilkington Pyrostop® advanced fire-resistant glass; Ez-Kool™, Sundym™ and Galaxsee™ solar control glass for cars; Solar reflective automotive glazing;

Pilkington Oriel Collection

An exciting range of stunning, high-end decorative etched glass designs offering excellent light transmission in combination with various levels of privacy.

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